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The Comic Book Page family of podcasts are hosted by John Mayo, a comic book fan who has been reading comics for decades. John buys and reads an average of three or four dozen new comics every week.

Every Monday is the Weekly Comics Spotlight with reviews of a current comic by DC, a current comics by Marvel, and a current comic by some other publisher.

Once a month are the two Mayo Report episodes. One covers the top 300 comic book sales through Diamond Comics Distribution and the other covers the top trades, hardcovers and other collected editions.

Each month the Previews Spotlight goes over the hightlights of the Diamond Previews and Marvel Previews.

On occasional, a Back Issue Spotlight will be released covering a comic book story arc from years past.

Round Table Discussions on a comic book related topic or recent convention are done on a sporadic basis.

Most recent Mayo Report: 2016-05

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Comic Book Page Podcast team:

John Mayo - Host/Executive Producer/Owner/Number Cruncher

Kay Kellam - Podcaster/Producer/Photographer/Editor/Content Coordinator/Webmaster

Drew - Co-host (Weekly Comics Spotlight episodes)

Sam - Co-host (Mayo Report: Comics episodes)

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