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ComicBookPage is a website about comic books. The plan is to grow the website over time to include more and more aspects of comic book collecting and the comic book industry. The centerpiece of the website is the series of in-depth Con Reports which include thousands of high resolution photographs of the comic book conventions that I've gone to. The photographs are organized by booth and there are image maps of the convention hall floors. Most of the navigation through the Con Reports includes thumbnail (200x150 pixels) versions of the photographs which are linked to medium sized (640x480 pixels) versions which in turn link to the full size (1600x1200 pixels) photographs.

Finding a host that could handle thousands of high resolution photographs wasn't easy and certainly isn't free. I have made the decision to avoid pop up ads like the plague and currently have no banner ads on the website. As a result, the income from the site is minimal and comes mainly from donations. At the bottom of most pages, there is a donation button and visitors are encouraged to donate as they see fit.

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