Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

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Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

Post by JohnMayo »

The deadline for sending in submissions to the Previews Spotlight is the 9AM CST on Saturday, April 13th.

The email address to send the clips to is

Dropbox link:

The Previews Spotlight episodes cover the items in the order they are in the catalogs so listeners can follow along in catalogs if they want to.

As of January 2024, there are a few changes to the file naming convention:

The file naming convention is:

C: The first part of the file name is a single capital letter indicating which catalog the item is from. D if the item is in DC Connect, M if the item is in Marvel Previews, I if the item is in the Image catalog, N if the item is only in the Next Phase catalog and P if the item is in Diamond Previews. Note that the letter for the catalog needs to be uppercase. Use an U for the catalog letter if the item is not in a catalog such as for crowd funded campaigns or digital only items. You can also use X for a sign-off clip if you want to do one of those.

A dash (-) is needed between the catalog letter and the page number.

####: the four digit page number with leading zeroes for where the item is in the catalog. For example, an item on the first page would have 001, an item on the seventeenth page would have 017 and an item on page three hundred would have 300. If the item is not from a catalog, use three zeroes for the page number. If you don't know the page number, that is fine. Just use "000" instead and I'll look it up.

A dash (-) is needed after the page number.

#: If there are multiple items on the page, such as often happens in the DC Connect and Diamond Previews catalog, include the number of the item on the page. If there is only one item on the page, this isn't needed and a 1 will be used. If the item number is included, there needs to be a dash after it.

A dash (-) is needed before the ItemNameAndIssueOrVolumeNumber.

ItemNameAndIssueOrVolumeNumber: This is the name of the item. I need is enough to determine which item it is. The more complete this is, the better. Capitalize the first letter of each word and don't include spaces or punctuation. For example, "AmazingEventTitle1". This part of the filename isn't parsed but it does need to be informative enough I can tell what the pick is for. Please include more than just the title as often multiple items for a series are offered in a given round of solicitations.

A dash (-) is needed between the ItemNameAndIssueNumber and YourName.

YourName: All I need here is enough to properly credit you in the show notes.


The first item on a page in DC Connect: D-0010-DcTitleWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The second item on a page in DC Connect: D-0010-2-SecondDcTitleOnPageWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The first item on a page in Marvel Previews:M-0020-MarvelTitleWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The second item on a page in Marvel Previews:M-0020-2-SecondMarvelTitleOnPageWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The first item on a page in the Image catalog: I-0030-ImageTitleWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The second item on a page in the Image catalog: I-0030-2-SecondImageTitleOnPageWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The first item on a page in Next Phase: N-0040-LunarTitleWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The second item on a page in Next Phase:N-0040-2-SecondLunarTitleOnPageWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The first item on a page in Diamond Previews: P-0050-DiamondTitleWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
The second item on a page in Diamond Previews: P-0050-2-SecondDiamondTitleOnPageWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
An item that is not in any of the catalogs: U-0050-UncatalogedItemWithIssueNumber-YourNameGoesHere.ext
A sign off clip: X-0000-SignOff-YourNameGoesHere.ext

Following the file naming convention can save me a surprising amount of time putting the episode together. I've got some automation around the episode assembly process which uses the dashes to parse the filenames. Please do not include spaces in the filename. Not all of the tools I use to prepare the clips for the episode handle spaces or other odd things in filenames gracefully. The filename for the clips are used sort the tracks in Audacity to put everything into the proper order. Audacity sorts all of lowercase letters before any of the uppercase letters. Obviously, I can fix the filenames if needed but it slows down the process of assembling the episode.

If you pick is something not in Previews, please provide a URL or whatever information might be needed to get the item so I can include that in the show notes if needed.

If you have a link you'd like me to include in the show notes, include both your name and the link it in the email to me and I'll add it to the system I use for doing the show notes.

The Previews Spotlight is released in mono, not stereo. If you record in stereo, I'll convert it to a mono record by dropping one of the tracks.

The Comic Book Page podcast is an all-ages podcast and is profanity free. I will have to edit out any profanity in the clips, including any unfortunately named comic book titles. If that section of the clip can't be easily removed I will have to replace the profanity with the DTMF tones for "profanity". In addition to this being my personal stand on profanity, it is also an iTunes policy: If your audio includes explicit language, we require you to set the explicit tag- regardless of why it is spoken (title of comic, name of street, etc.) This includes any profanity in the title or solicitation text.

Please post which comics you will be sending in submissions for here on this thread with the full title including the issue number of comics and the volume number of collected editions. That way we can reduce the number of duplicate submissions and maximize the number of different items that are covered. If someone has already posted that they will be covering something you are passionate about discussing, we are okay with more than one submission for the item but want that to be the exceptional case.

Remember: Anyone can send in a short audio clip talking about any book in the upcoming Previews (or slated for release around that same time). This includes creators, publishers and other people directly involved in the project. This is your chance to promote items, including ones you have worked on.

Useful Links
Diamond Comics (Previews):
Lunar (DC Connect/Next Phase):
Penguin/Random House (Marvel Previews): ... -catalogs/

Alternate Worlds (PDF version of pre-order catalogs):
Comic Book Relief (PDF version of pre-order catalogs):
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Re: Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

Post by jrphoenix »

First one!!!

DC vs Marvel Omnibus
Nightwing Year One Deluxe Edition
X-men 35
Scarlet Witch 1
Dazzler Omnibus
Savage Avengers TP
BRZRKR A Facebul of Bullets 1
Savage Sword of Conan 3
Houses of the Unholy
Department of Truth 23
Nemesis Rogues Gallery 1
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Re: Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

Post by SupermanFan »

DC Comics:

Image Comics:
Dark Horse Comics:
TwoMorrows Publishing:
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Re: Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

Post by JasonZ »

DC Comics
Batman Gotham by Gaslight The Kryptonian Age #1 Pg. 2 DC Connect
Batman Gotham by Gaslight Facsimile Edition Pg. 3 DC Connect
Robin Tim Drake Compendium Vol. 1 Pg. 45 DC Connect

Marvel Comics
Godzilla #1 Facsimile Edition Pg. 47 Marvel Previews
What If? Venom # 5 (of 5) Pg. 56 Marvel Previews
Marvel Masterworks Tomb of Dracula Vol. 4 Pg. 80 Marvel Previews
Vengeance of the Moon Knight Vol. 1 Pg. 90 Marvel Previews
Savage Avengers Vol. 1 Pg. 98 Marvel Previews
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection Vol. 9 Pg. 102 Marvel Previews

Previews Catalog
Savage Sword of Conan # 3 Pg. 136 Previews
Conan The Barbarian # 12 Pg. 137 Previews
Conan City of the Dead novel Pg. 139 Previews
Avengers First 60 Years Pg. 156 Previews
Mighty Marvel 2025 Wall Calendar Pg. 246 Previews
A Last Goodbye One Shot Pg. 260 Previews
Dracula Unfanged Pg. 346 Previews
Defenders of the Earth Pg. 351 Previews
Marvel Comics in the 1960's Pg. 401 Previews
Batman 1966 Batmobile Model Kit Pg. M-37 Previews
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Re: Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

Post by VikingJoker »

Savage Sword of Conan #3
Rat City #3
The Terminator 40th Anniversary Collections
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Re: Previews Spotlight #197 (Apr->Jun) Deadline: Sat 9AM, CT Apr 13

Post by NicksPicks »

Feral #4
Sacrificers #9
Dick Tracy #2
Helen Of Wyndhorn #5
Thundercats #5
Grommets #2
Godzilla Here There Be Dragons, Vol. 2 #1
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