Comic Book Page

The Comic Book Page family of podcasts are hosted by John Mayo, a comic book fan who has been reading far too many comics for far too long.

Most Mondays, a Back Issue Spotlight will be released covering a comic book story arc.

Sometimes these episodes cover recent story arcs and other times the story arc is from years or decades ago.

One Monday a month is the Monthly Comics Spotlight in which John and his co-host discuss the comics they got in the previous month.

Each month the Previews Spotlight goes over the hightlights of the Diamond Previews, Marvel Previews and DC Connect catalogs.

Round Table Discussions on a comic book related topic or recent convention are done on a sporadic basis.

The Friday episodes typically are about movies, television shows, comic book conventions or other comic book related topics..

EpisodeDateEpisode TitleHost/Co-hostsDownload
20462022-09-26Monthly Comics Spotlight #025: 2022-07John Mayo, JamesDownload
20452022-09-23Foundation Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20442022-09-19Back Issue Spotlight #130: Flashpoint #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
20432022-09-16Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20422022-09-14Previews Spotlight #178: 2022-09John MayoDownload
20412022-09-12Legion Spotlight #008John MayoDownload
20402022-09-09Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20392022-09-05Monthly Comics Spotlight #024B: 2022-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
20382022-09-02The Astronauts Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20372022-08-29Legion Spotlight #007John MayoDownload
20362022-08-26Spacecamp (1986)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20352022-08-22Back Issue Spotlight #129: Eternals #1-6John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
20342022-08-19Bull Season 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20332022-08-17Previews Spotlight #177: 2022-08John MayoDownload
20322022-08-15Back Issue Spotlight #128: Checkmate #1-6John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
20312022-08-12SWAT (2017) Season 5BJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20302022-08-08Back Issue Spotlight #127: Naomi #1-6John Mayo, JamesDownload
20292022-08-05Naomi Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20282022-08-01Legion Spotlight #006John MayoDownload
20272022-07-29Resident Alien Season 2AJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20262022-07-25Back Issue Spotlight #126: Blackest Night #5-8John Mayo, Sam, JamesDownload
20252022-07-22Star Trek: Picard Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20242022-07-18Back Issue Spotlight #125: Blackest Night #0-4John Mayo, Sam, JamesDownload
20232022-07-15Moon Knight Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20222022-07-11Legion Spotlight #005John MayoDownload
20212022-07-08Star Trek: Discovery Season 4BJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20202022-07-06Previews Spotlight #176: 2022-07John MayoDownload
20192022-07-04Back Issue Spotlight #124: Gun Honey #1-4John Mayo, JamesDownload
20182022-07-01Tiger and Bunny: The Beginning/The RisingJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
20172022-06-27Monthly Comics Spotlight #024A: 2022-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
20162022-06-242021-2022 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
20152022-06-20Legion Spotlight #004John MayoDownload
20142022-06-17An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20132022-06-15Previews Spotlight #175: 2022-06John MayoDownload
20122022-06-13Monthly Comics Spotlight #023: 2022-05John Mayo, JamesDownload
20112022-06-10Batwoman Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20102022-06-06Back Issue Spotlight #123: Hulk: Future ImperfectJohn Mayo, SamDownload
20092022-06-03Tiger and Bunny Season 1John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
20082022-05-30Back Issue Spotlight #122: E-Ratic #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
20072022-05-27Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20062022-05-23Legion Spotlight #003John MayoDownload
20052022-05-20Crisis Q&AJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
20042022-05-18Previews Spotlight #174: 2022-05John MayoDownload
20032022-05-16Monthly Comics Spotlight #022: 2022-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
20022022-05-13Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
20012022-05-09Back Issue Spotlight #121: JLA: Tower of BabelJohn Mayo, SamDownload
20002022-05-06Episode #2000John Mayo, JamesDownload
19992022-05-02Back Issue Spotlight #120: My Hero Academia v1John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
19982022-04-29Amazing Spider-Man (2012)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19972022-04-25Legion Spotlight #002John MayoDownload
19962022-04-22SWAT (2017) Season 5AJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19952022-04-18Monthly Comics Spotlight #021: 2022-03John Mayo, JamesDownload
19942022-04-15Spider-Man 3 (2007)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19932022-04-13Previews Spotlight #173: 2022-04John MayoDownload
19922022-04-11Back Issue Spotlight #119: Stray DogsJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
19912022-04-08Upload Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19902022-04-04Back Issue Spotlight #118: Spider-Man Clone Saga - Part 2John Mayo, SamDownload
19892022-04-01Spider-Man 2 (2004)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19882022-03-28Back Issue Spotlight #117: Spider-Man Clone Saga - Part 1John Mayo, SamDownload
19872022-03-25Legends of Tomorrow Season 7John MayoDownload
19862022-03-21Legion Spotlight #001John MayoDownload
19852022-03-18Spider-Man (2002)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19842022-03-16Previews Spotlight #172: 2022-03John MayoDownload
19832022-03-14Monthly Comics Spotlight #020: 2022-02John Mayo, JamesDownload
19822022-03-11Book of Boba Fett Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19812022-03-07Back Issue Spotlight #116: Tiger and Bunny V1John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
19802022-03-04Titans Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19792022-02-28Back Issue Spotlight #115: Secret Origins #40John Mayo, SamDownload
19782022-02-25Eternals (2021)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19772022-02-21Back Issue Spotlight #114: Green Arrow: The Longbow HuntersJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
19762022-02-18Collector Boxlight: 2021John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19752022-02-16Previews Spotlight #171: 2022-02John MayoDownload
19742022-02-14Monthly Comics Spotlight #019: 2022-01John Mayo, JamesDownload
19732022-02-11Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19722022-02-07Back Issue Spotlight #113: Invaders #14-15John Mayo, SamDownload
19712022-02-04Yearly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021 - Part 6John Mayo, JamesDownload
19702022-02-02Yearly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021 - Part 5John Mayo, JamesDownload
19692022-01-31Yearly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021 - Part 4John Mayo, JamesDownload
19682022-01-28Yearly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021 - Part 3John Mayo, JamesDownload
19672022-01-26Yearly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021 - Part 2John Mayo, JamesDownload
19662022-01-24Yearly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021 - Part 1John Mayo, JamesDownload
19652022-01-21Flash Season 8AJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19642022-01-19Previews Spotlight #170: 2022-01John MayoDownload
19632022-01-17Back Issue Spotlight #112: The Death of Gwen StacyJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19622022-01-14Star Trek: Discovery Season 4AJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19612022-01-10Monthly Comics Spotlight #018: 2021-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
19602022-01-07What If...? Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19592022-01-03Back Issue Spotlight #111: Shadecraft #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
19582021-12-31Hawkeye Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19572021-12-27Back Issue Spotlight #110: DC Comics Presents: SuperwomanJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19562021-12-24Doctor Who: Series 13AJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19552021-12-20Back Issue Spotlight #109: Fantastic Four #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
19542021-12-17Lost in Space (2018) Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19532021-12-15Previews Spotlight #169: 2021-12John MayoDownload
19522021-12-13Monthly Comics Spotlight #017: 2021-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
19512021-12-10Supergirl Season 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19502021-12-06Back Issue Spotlight #108: New Teen Titans v3BJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19492021-12-03Black Widow (2021)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19482021-11-29Back Issue Spotlight #107: Nightwing #78-83John Mayo, JamesDownload
19472021-11-26SWAT (2017) Season 4John MayoDownload
19462021-11-22Back Issue Spotlight #106: Alpha Flight #7-12John Mayo, SamDownload
19452021-11-19Stargirl Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19442021-11-15Monthly Comics Spotlight #016: 2021-10John Mayo, JamesDownload
19432021-11-12Legends of Tomorrow Season 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19422021-11-10Previews Spotlight #168: 2021-11John MayoDownload
19412021-11-08Back Issue Spotlight #105: New Teen Titans v3AJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19402021-11-05Leverage: Redemption Season 1BJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19392021-11-01Back Issue Spotlight #104: Star Trek: CountdownJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
19382021-10-29Departure Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19372021-10-25Back Issue Spotlight #103: Marvel Team-Up #131-134SamDownload
19362021-10-22Superman and Lois Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19352021-10-18Monthly Comics Spotlight #015: 2021-09John Mayo, JamesDownload
19342021-10-15Bill and Ted Face the Music (2020)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19332021-10-13Previews Spotlight #167: 2021-10John MayoDownload
19322021-10-11Back Issue Spotlight #102: Crisis on Infinite Earths #9-12John Mayo, Sam, JamesDownload
19312021-10-08Bull Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19302021-10-04Back Issue Spotlight #101: Crisis on Infinite Earths #5-8John Mayo, Sam, JamesDownload
19292021-10-01Mayo Report: 2021-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
19282021-09-27Back Issue Spotlight #100: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-4John Mayo, Sam, JamesDownload
19272021-09-24Mayo Report: 2021-07 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
19262021-09-20Back Issue Spotlight #099: SHAZAM!: The World's Mightiest Mortal v2CJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19252021-09-17Loki Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19242021-09-13Monthly Comics Spotlight #014: 2021-08John Mayo, JamesDownload
19232021-09-10Flash Season 7John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19222021-09-08Previews Spotlight #166: 2021-09John MayoDownload
19212021-09-06Back Issue Spotlight #098: Stark Wars (Iron Man #225-232)John Mayo, SamDownload
19202021-09-03Mayo Report: 2021-06 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
19192021-08-30Back Issue Spotlight #097: Swing v1John Mayo, JamesDownload
19182021-08-27Mayo Report: 2021-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
19172021-08-23Back Issue Spotlight #096: SHAZAM!: The World's Mightiest Mortal v2BJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19162021-08-20Batwoman Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19152021-08-16Monthly Comics Spotlight #013: 2021-07John Mayo, JamesDownload
19142021-08-13Black Lightning Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19132021-08-11Previews Spotlight #165: 2021-08John MayoDownload
19122021-08-09Back Issue Spotlight #095: Batman: Earth One v3John Mayo, SamDownload
19112021-08-06Debris Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19102021-08-02Back Issue Spotlight #094: Wonder Woman: Earth One v3John Mayo, SamDownload
19092021-07-30Comic-Con@Home 2021John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19082021-07-26Back Issue Spotlight #093: Infinite Frontier #0John Mayo, JamesDownload
19072021-07-23Leverage: Redemption Season 1AJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19062021-07-19Monthly Comics Spotlight #012: 2021-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
19052021-07-16Recommendation Round Table #006John MayoDownload
19042021-07-14Previews Spotlight #164: 2021-07John MayoDownload
19032021-07-12Back Issue Spotlight #092: Project Pegasus SagaJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19022021-07-09MacGyver (2016) Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
19012021-07-05Back Issue Spotlight #091: SHAZAM!: The World's Mightiest Mortal v2AJohn Mayo, SamDownload
19002021-07-02Interviews #008: HELP: The Hero Initiative AnthologyJasonDownload
18992021-06-28Back Issue Spotlight #090: Star Trek: Year Five #1-6John Mayo, JamesDownload
18982021-06-252020-2021 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18972021-06-21Back Issue Spotlight #089: Alpha Flight #1-6John Mayo, SamDownload
18962021-06-18Hawaii Five-O (1968) - 8x01: Murder: Eyes OnlyKay KellamDownload
18952021-06-14Monthly Comics Spotlight #011: 2021-05John Mayo, JamesDownload
18942021-06-11Falcon and Winter Soldier Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18932021-06-09Previews Spotlight #163: 2021-06John MayoDownload
18922021-06-07Back Issue Spotlight #088: Thor #7-14John Mayo, JamesDownload
18912021-06-04Good Omens Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18902021-05-31Back Issue Spotlight #087: New Teen Titans v2BJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18892021-05-28Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18882021-05-24Back Issue Spotlight #086: Resident Alien v1John Mayo, JamesDownload
18872021-05-21Resident Alien Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18862021-05-17Monthly Comics Spotlight #010: 2021-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
18852021-05-14Interviews #007: Joel GomezJasonDownload
18842021-05-12Previews Spotlight #162: 2021-05John MayoDownload
18832021-05-10Back Issue Spotlight #085: Fantastic Four #232-236John Mayo, SamDownload
18822021-05-07WandaVision Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18812021-05-03Back Issue Spotlight #084: New Teen Titans v2AJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18802021-04-30Interviews #006: Comic Book Couples CounselingJasonDownload
18792021-04-26Back Issue Spotlight #083: Department of Truth #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
18782021-04-23Underground Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18772021-04-19Monthly Comics Spotlight #009: 2021-03John Mayo, JamesDownload
18762021-04-16Interviews #005: Freddie Williams IIJasonDownload
18752021-04-14Previews Spotlight #161: 2021-04John MayoDownload
18742021-04-12Back Issue Spotlight #082: Captain America #247-252John Mayo, SamDownload
18732021-04-09Industry Discussion: 2021-04-01John Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga), JamesDownload
18722021-04-05Back Issue Spotlight #081: The Orville: Launch DayJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
18712021-04-02Retailer Spotlight #008: Westside Comics and GamesJasonDownload
18702021-03-29Back Issue Spotlight #080: Batman: A Lonely Place of DyingJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18692021-03-26Collector Boxlight: 2020Kay KellamDownload
18682021-03-24Retailer Spotlight #007: Gotham Underground ComicsJasonDownload
18672021-03-22Back Issue Spotlight #079: Batman: A Death in the FamilyJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18662021-03-19Star Trek: Discovery Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18652021-03-15Monthly Comics Spotlight #008: 2021-02John Mayo, JamesDownload
18642021-03-12Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18632021-03-10Previews Spotlight #160: 2021-03John MayoDownload
18622021-03-08Back Issue Spotlight #078: Hawkman #1-6John Mayo, JamesDownload
18612021-03-05Underground Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18602021-03-01Back Issue Spotlight #077: Zero HourJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18592021-02-26The Mandalorian Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18582021-02-24Endless WinterJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
18572021-02-22Back Issue Spotlight #076: Powers of XJohn Mayo, Sam, JamesDownload
18562021-02-19Titans Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18552021-02-17Interviews #004: TemerityJasonDownload
18542021-02-15Monthly Comics Spotlight #007: 2021-01John Mayo, JamesDownload
18532021-02-12Departure Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18522021-02-10Previews Spotlight #159: 2021-02John MayoDownload
18512021-02-08Back Issue Spotlight #075: House of XJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
18502021-02-05Walker, Texas Ranger vs WalkerJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18492021-02-01Back Issue Spotlight #074: Giant Size X-Men #1John Mayo, SamDownload
18482021-01-29The Terminal (2004)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18472021-01-25Yearly Comics Spotlight #014: 2020John Mayo, JamesDownload
18462021-01-22Recommendation Round Table #005John MayoDownload
18452021-01-18Monthly Comics Spotlight #006: 2020-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
18442021-01-15Leverage (Korean) Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18432021-01-13Previews Spotlight #158: 2021-01John MayoDownload
18422021-01-11Back Issue Spotlight #073: Man of Steel (2018)John Mayo, SamDownload
18412021-01-08Stargirl Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18402021-01-04Back Issue Spotlight #072: Invincible #7-13John Mayo, JamesDownload
18392021-01-01Leverage: The Con JobJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18382020-12-28Back Issue Spotlight #071: Man of Steel (1986)John Mayo, SamDownload
18372020-12-25Wanted (2008)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18362020-12-21Back Issue Spotlight #070: WantedJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18352020-12-18Leverage Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18342020-12-14Monthly Comics Spotlight #005: 2020-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
18332020-12-11Umbrella Academy Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18322020-12-09Previews Spotlight #157: 2020-12John MayoDownload
18312020-12-07Back Issue Spotlight #069: Umbrella Academy v1John Mayo, JamesDownload
18302020-12-04Leverage Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18292020-11-30Back Issue Spotlight #068: Green Lantern: Earth One v2John Mayo, SamDownload
18282020-11-27Absentia Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18272020-11-23Back Issue Spotlight #067: Invincible #1-6John Mayo, JamesDownload
18262020-11-20Leverage Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18252020-11-16Monthly Comics Spotlight #004: 2020-10John Mayo, JamesDownload
18242020-11-13Lost in Space (1998)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18232020-11-11Previews Spotlight #156: 2020-11John MayoDownload
18222020-11-09Back Issue Spotlight #066: SHAZAM!: The World’s Mightiest Mortal v1CJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18212020-11-06Leverage Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18202020-11-02Back Issue Spotlight #065: Thor: The Devourer KingJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
18192020-10-30Absentia Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18182020-10-26Back Issue Spotlight #064: SHAZAM!: The World's Mightiest Mortal v1BJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18172020-10-23Leverage Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18162020-10-19Monthly Comics Spotlight #003: 2020-09John Mayo, JamesDownload
18152020-10-16Lost in Space (2018) Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18142020-10-14Previews Spotlight #155: 2020-10John MayoDownload
18132020-10-12Back Issue Spotlight #063: Thor: The God ButcherJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
18122020-10-09Almost Paradise Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18112020-10-07Pennyworth Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18102020-10-05Back Issue Spotlight #062: SHAZAM!: The World's Mightiest Mortal v1AJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18092020-10-02The Capture Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18082020-09-30The Mandalorian Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18072020-09-28Back Issue Spotlight #061: Stumptown (2012) #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
18062020-09-25Absentia Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18052020-09-23Psych 2: Lassie, Come HomeJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18042020-09-21Back Issue Spotlight #060: New Teen Titans v1BJohn Mayo, SamDownload
18032020-09-18Jumper (2008)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18022020-09-16Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 7John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
18012020-09-14Monthly Comics Spotlight #002: 2020-08John Mayo, JamesDownload
18002020-09-11Lost in Space (2018) Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17992020-09-09Previews Spotlight #154: 2020-09 (fixed audio)John MayoDownload
17982020-09-07Back Issue Spotlight #059: Y: The Last Man #1-5John Mayo, JamesDownload
17972020-09-04MacGyver (2016) Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17962020-09-02Recommendation Round Table #004John MayoDownload
17952020-08-31Back Issue Spotlight #058: New Teen Titans v1AJohn Mayo, SamDownload
17942020-08-28Fahrenheit 451 (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17932020-08-26Fahrenheit 451 (1966)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17922020-08-24Back Issue Spotlight #057: Stumptown (2009) #1-4John Mayo, JamesDownload
17912020-08-21Fahrenheit 451 (novel)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17902020-08-19Stumptown Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17892020-08-17Back Issue Spotlight #056: Squadron Supreme #7-12John Mayo, SamDownload
17882020-08-14Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17872020-08-12Previews Spotlight #153: 2020-08John MayoDownload
17862020-08-10Monthly Comics Spotlight #001: 2020-07John Mayo, JamesDownload
17852020-08-07Doctor Who: Series 12John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17842020-08-05Termintator: Dark Fate (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17832020-08-03Back Issue Spotlight #055: Avengers: The ContestJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
17822020-07-31Comic-Con@Home 2020 Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17812020-07-29Comic-Con@Home 2020 Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17802020-07-27Back Issue Spotlight #054: EVE: Valkyrie #1-4John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17792020-07-24Supergirl Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17782020-07-22Charlie's Angels (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17772020-07-20Back Issue Spotlight #053: Contest of Champions #1-3John Mayo, JamesDownload
17762020-07-17Legends of Tomorrow Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17752020-07-15Hobbs and Shaw (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17742020-07-13Back Issue Spotlight #052: Squadron Supreme #1-6John Mayo, SamDownload
17732020-07-10Flash Season 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17722020-07-08Previews Spotlight #152: 2020-07John MayoDownload
17712020-07-06Back Issue Spotlight #051: Morning Glories #1-6John Mayo, JamesDownload
17702020-07-03Batwoman Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17692020-07-01Lost Fleet Spotlight #18: TriumphantJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17682020-06-29Back Issue Spotlight #050: Secret Wars (1984) #9-12John Mayo, SamDownload
17672020-06-26Tolkien (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17662020-06-24Recommendation Round Table #003John MayoDownload
17652020-06-22Back Issue Spotlight #049: Love and Capes #1-4John Mayo, JamesDownload
17642020-06-19King Kong (1933)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17632020-06-17Upload Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17622020-06-15Back Issue Spotlight #048: Secret Wars (1984) #5-8John Mayo, SamDownload
17612020-06-122019-2020 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
17602020-06-10Previews Spotlight #151: 2020-06John MayoDownload
17592020-06-08Back Issue Spotlight #047: Red Team #1-7John Mayo, JamesDownload
17582020-06-05Comics Blackout #3John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17572020-06-03Recommendation Round Table #002John MayoDownload
17562020-06-01Back Issue Spotlight #046: Secret Wars (1984) #1-4John Mayo, SamDownload
17552020-05-29Krypton Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17542020-05-27Lost Fleet Spotlight #17: AscendantJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17532020-05-25Back Issue Spotlight #045: Doomsday Clock #10-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
17522020-05-22Bull Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17512020-05-20Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17502020-05-18Back Issue Spotlight #044: Earth One - Part 4John Mayo, SamDownload
17492020-05-15Mayo Report: 2020-03 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
17482020-05-13Mayo Report: 2020-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17472020-05-11Back Issue Spotlight #043: Doomsday Clock #7-9John Mayo, JamesDownload
17462020-05-08Star Trek Spotlight #002: Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise WarJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17452020-05-06God Friended Me Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17442020-05-04Back Issue Spotlight #042: Earth One - Part 3John Mayo, SamDownload
17432020-05-01SHAZAM! (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17422020-04-29Lost Fleet Spotlight #16: VanguardJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17412020-04-27Back Issue Spotlight #041: Doomsday Clock #4-6John Mayo, JamesDownload
17402020-04-24Recommendation Round Table #001John MayoDownload
17392020-04-22Comics Blackout #2John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17382020-04-20Back Issue Spotlight #040: Earth One - Part 2John Mayo, SamDownload
17372020-04-17Mayo Report: 2020-02 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
17362020-04-15Mayo Report: 2020-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17352020-04-13Back Issue Spotlight #039: Doomsday Clock #1-3John Mayo, JamesDownload
17342020-04-10Mayo Report: 2020-01 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
17332020-04-08Previews Spotlight #150: 2020-04John MayoDownload
17322020-04-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #659: 2020-03-25John Mayo, JamesDownload
17312020-04-03Star Trek: Picard Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17302020-04-01Comics Blackout #1John Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17292020-03-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #658: 2020-03-18John Mayo, JamesDownload
17282020-03-27Black Lightning Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17272020-03-25Mayo Report: 2020-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17262020-03-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #657: 2020-03-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
17252020-03-20Arrow Season 8John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17242020-03-18Previews Spotlight #149: 2020-03John MayoDownload
17232020-03-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #656: 2020-03-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
17222020-03-13Star Trek Spotlight #001: Star Trek: Picard: The Last, Best HopeJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17212020-03-11Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2020JasonDownload
17202020-03-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #655: 2020-02-26John Mayo, JamesDownload
17192020-03-06The Greatest Showman (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17182020-03-04This is Not My Life Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17172020-03-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #654: 2020-02-19John Mayo, JamesDownload
17162020-02-28Veronica Mars Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17152020-02-26Blood and Treasure Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17142020-02-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #653: 2020-02-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
17132020-02-21The Gifted Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17122020-02-19X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17112020-02-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #652: 2020-02-05John Mayo, JamesDownload
17102020-02-14Previews Spotlight #148b: 2020-02John MayoDownload
17092020-02-12Previews Spotlight #148a: 2020-02John MayoDownload
17082020-02-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #651: 2020-01-29John Mayo, JamesDownload
17072020-02-07Mayo Report: 2019 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17062020-02-05Mayo Report: 2019-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
17052020-02-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #650: 2020-01-22John Mayo, JamesDownload
17042020-01-31Mayo Report: 2019 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
17032020-01-29Mayo Report: 2019-12 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
17022020-01-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #649: 2020-01-15John Mayo, JamesDownload
17012020-01-24Collector Boxlight: 2019-10 to 2019-12John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
17002020-01-22Arrowverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Parts 4 - 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16992020-01-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #648: 2020-01-08John Mayo, JamesDownload
16982020-01-17Lost Fleet Spotlight #15: Shattered SpearJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16972020-01-15Previews Spotlight #147: 2020-01John MayoDownload
16962020-01-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #647: 2020-01-01John Mayo, JamesDownload
16952020-01-10Decade in Review #002: 201XJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
16942020-01-08Yearly Comics Spotlight #013: 2019John Mayo, JamesDownload
16932020-01-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #646: 2019-12-25John Mayo, JamesDownload
16922020-01-03Mayo Report: 2019-11 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16912020-01-01Mayo Report: 2019-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16902019-12-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #645: 2019-12-18John Mayo, JamesDownload
16892019-12-272019 Fall Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
16882019-12-25Arrowverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Parts 1 - 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16872019-12-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #644: 2019-12-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
16862019-12-20Lost Fleet Spotlight #14: Imperfect SwordJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16852019-12-18Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16842019-12-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #643: 2019-12-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
16832019-12-13Black Lightning Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16822019-12-11Previews Spotlight #146: 2019-12John MayoDownload
16812019-12-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #642: 2019-11-27John Mayo, JamesDownload
16802019-12-06Private Eyes Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16792019-12-04Mayo Report: 2019-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16782019-12-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #641: 2019-11-20John Mayo, JamesDownload
16772019-11-29Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16762019-11-27Mayo Report: 2019-10 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16752019-11-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #640: 2019-11-13John Mayo, JamesDownload
16742019-11-22Lost Fleet Spotlight #13: Perilous ShieldJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16732019-11-20Wizard World Austin 2019John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16722019-11-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #639: 2019-11-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
16712019-11-15Mayo Report: 2019-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16702019-11-13Previews Spotlight #145: 2019-11John MayoDownload
16692019-11-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #638: 2019-10-30John Mayo, JamesDownload
16682019-11-08Mayo Report: 2019-09 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16672019-11-06Great American Comic Con 2019JasonDownload
16662019-11-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #637: 2019-10-23John Mayo, JamesDownload
16652019-11-01Robin Williams: Comic GeniusJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16642019-10-30Dallas Fan Days 2019John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16632019-10-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #636: 2019-10-16John Mayo, JamesDownload
16622019-10-25Collector Boxlight: 2019-07 to 2019-09John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16612019-10-23Geek Craft Expo Hawaii 2019JasonDownload
16602019-10-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #635: 2019-10-09John Mayo, JamesDownload
16592019-10-18Lost Fleet Spotlight #12: Tarnished KnightJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16582019-10-16Avengers: Endgame (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16572019-10-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #634: 2019-10-02John Mayo, JamesDownload
16562019-10-11Mayo Report: 2019-08 Q&ASam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16552019-10-09Previews Spotlight #144: 2019-10John MayoDownload
16542019-10-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #633: 2019-09-25John Mayo, JamesDownload
16532019-10-04Mayo Report: 2019-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16522019-10-02Mayo Report: 2019-08 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16512019-09-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #632: 2019-09-18John Mayo, JamesDownload
16502019-09-27Arrow Season 7John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16492019-09-25Timeline (2003)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16482019-09-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #631: 2019-09-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
16472019-09-20Morphinominal Expo 2019John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16462019-09-18God Friended Me Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16452019-09-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #630: 2019-09-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
16442019-09-13Aquaman (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16432019-09-11Previews Spotlight #143: 2019-09John MayoDownload
16422019-09-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #629: 2019-08-28John Mayo, JamesDownload
16412019-09-06Lost Fleet Spotlight #11: LeviathanJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16402019-09-04Captain Marvel (2019)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16392019-09-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #628: 2019-08-21John Mayo, JamesDownload
16382019-08-30Mayo Report: 2019-07 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16372019-08-28Mayo Report: 2019-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16362019-08-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #627: 2019-08-14John Mayo, JamesDownload
16352019-08-23Comic Con Honolulu 2019JasonDownload
16342019-08-21Mayo Report: 2019-06 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16332019-08-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #626: 2019-08-07John Mayo, JamesDownload
16322019-08-16Mayo Report: 2019-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16312019-08-14Previews Spotlight #142: 2019-08John MayoDownload
16302019-08-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #625: 2019-07-31John Mayo, JamesDownload
16292019-08-09Comic-Con International: 2019 - Part 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16282019-08-07Comic-Con International: 2019 - Part 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16272019-08-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #624: 2019-07-24John Mayo, JamesDownload
16262019-08-02Comic-Con International: 2019 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16252019-07-31Comic-Con International: 2019 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16242019-07-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #623: 2019-07-17John Mayo, JamesDownload
16232019-07-26Lost Fleet Spotlight #10: SteadfastJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16222019-07-24Counterpart Seasons 1 and 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16212019-07-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #622: 2019-07-10John Mayo, JamesDownload
16202019-07-19Collector Boxlight: 2019-04 to 2019-06John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16192019-07-17The Orville Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16182019-07-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #621: 2019-07-03John Mayo, JamesDownload
16172019-07-12Mayo Report: 2019-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16162019-07-10Previews Spotlight #141: 2019-07John MayoDownload
16152019-07-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #620: 2019-06-26John Mayo, JamesDownload
16142019-07-05Mayo Report: 2019-05 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16132019-07-032018-2019 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
16122019-07-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #619: 2019-06-19John Mayo, JamesDownload
16112019-06-28Lost Fleet Spotlight #9: GuardianJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16102019-06-26Back Issue Spotlight #038: Heroes in CrisisJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
16092019-06-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #618: 2019-06-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
16082019-06-21Whiskey Cavalier Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16072019-06-19Mayo Report: 2019-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
16062019-06-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #617: 2019-06-05John Mayo, JamesDownload
16052019-06-14Final Countdown (1980)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16042019-06-12Previews Spotlight #140: 2019-06John MayoDownload
16032019-06-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #616: 2019-05-29John Mayo, JamesDownload
16022019-06-07MacGyver (2016) Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
16012019-06-05Mayo Report: 2019-04 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
16002019-06-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #615: 2019-05-22John Mayo, JamesDownload
15992019-05-31Legends of Tomorrow Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15982019-05-29Supergirl Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15972019-05-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #614: 2019-05-15John Mayo, JamesDownload
15962019-05-24Lost Fleet Spotlight #8: InvincibleJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15952019-05-22Flash Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15942019-05-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #613: 2019-05-08John Mayo, JamesDownload
15932019-05-17Ant-Man and Wasp (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15922019-05-15Mayo Report: 2019-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
15912019-05-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #612: 2019-05-01John Mayo, JamesDownload
15902019-05-10Mayo Report: 2019-03 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15892019-05-08Previews Spotlight #139: 2019-05John MayoDownload
15882019-05-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #611: 2019-04-24John Mayo, JamesDownload
15872019-05-03Lost Fleet Spotlight #7: DreadnaughtJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15862019-05-01Star Trek: Discovery Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15852019-04-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #610: 2019-04-17John Mayo, JamesDownload
15842019-04-26Lethal Weapon Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15832019-04-24Retailer Spotlight #006: Kowabunga ComicsJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
15822019-04-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #609: 2019-04-10John Mayo, JamesDownload
15812019-04-19Mayo Report: 2019-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
15802019-04-17Mayo Report: 2019-02 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15792019-04-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #608: 2019-04-03John Mayo, JamesDownload
15782019-04-12Power Morphicon Express 2019John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15772019-04-10Previews Spotlight #138: 2019-04John MayoDownload
15762019-04-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #607: 2019-03-27John Mayo, JamesDownload
15752019-04-05Mayo Report: 2019-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
15742019-04-03Mayo Report: 2018 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
15732019-04-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #606: 2019-03-20John Mayo, JamesDownload
15722019-03-29C2E2 2019John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15712019-03-27Collector Boxlight: 2019-01 to 2019-03John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15702019-03-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #605: 2019-03-13John Mayo, JamesDownload
15692019-03-22Mayo Report: 2019-01 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15682019-03-20Mayo Report: 2018 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15672019-03-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #604: 2019-03-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
15662019-03-15Lost Fleet Spotlight #6: VictoriousJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15652019-03-13Previews Spotlight #137: 2019-03John MayoDownload
15642019-03-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #603: 2019-02-27John Mayo, JamesDownload
15632019-03-08Mayo Report: 2018-12 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15622019-03-06Mayo Report: 2018-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
15612019-03-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #602: 2019-02-20John Mayo, JamesDownload
15602019-03-01Lost Fleet Spotlight #5: RelentlessJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15592019-02-27Amazing Comic Con Aloha 2019JasonDownload
15582019-02-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #601: 2019-02-13John Mayo, JamesDownload
15572019-02-22Lost Fleet Spotlight #4: ValiantJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15562019-02-20Back Issue Spotlight #037: Issue 600sJohn Mayo, JamesDownload
15552019-02-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #600: 2019-02-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
15542019-02-15Carter Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15532019-02-13Previews Spotlight #136: 2019-02John MayoDownload
15522019-02-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #599: 2019-01-30John Mayo, JamesDownload
15512019-02-08Lost Fleet Spotlight #3: CourageousJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15502019-02-06Doctor Who: Series 11John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15492019-02-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #598: 2019-01-23John Mayo, JamesDownload
15482019-02-01Brad Shade #1: The CodeJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15472019-01-30Private Eyes Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15462019-01-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #597: 2019-01-16John Mayo, JamesDownload
15452019-01-25Salvation Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15442019-01-23Titans Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15432019-01-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #596: 2019-01-09John Mayo, JamesDownload
15422019-01-18Lost Fleet Spotlight #2: FearlessJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15412019-01-16Previews Spotlight #135: 2019-01John MayoDownload
15402019-01-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #595: 2019-01-02John Mayo, JamesDownload
15392019-01-11Collector Boxlight: 2018-10 to 2018-12John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15382019-01-09Yearly Comics Spotlight #012: 2018John Mayo, JamesDownload
15372019-01-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #594: 2018-12-26John Mayo, JamesDownload
15362019-01-04Marvel One ShotsJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15352019-01-022018 Fall Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
15342018-12-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #593: 2018-12-19John Mayo, JamesDownload
15332018-12-28Last Ship Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15322018-12-26Mayo Report: 2018-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
15312018-12-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #592: 2018-12-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
15302018-12-21Incredible Hulk (2008)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15292018-12-19Mayo Report: 2018-11 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15282018-12-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #591: 2018-12-05John Mayo, JamesDownload
15272018-12-14Lost Fleet Spotlight #1: DauntlessJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15262018-12-12Previews Spotlight #134: 2018-12John MayoDownload
15252018-12-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #590: 2018-11-28John Mayo, JamesDownload
15242018-12-07Iron Fist Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15232018-12-05Mayo Report: 2018-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
15222018-12-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #589: 2018-11-21John Mayo, JamesDownload
15212018-11-30Crossing Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15202018-11-28Mayo Report: 2018-10 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15192018-11-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #588: 2018-11-14John Mayo, JamesDownload
15182018-11-23Luke Cage Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15172018-11-21Mayo Report: 2018-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
15162018-11-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #587: 2018-11-07John Mayo, JamesDownload
15152018-11-16Mayo Report: 2018-09 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15142018-11-14Previews Spotlight #133: 2018-11John MayoDownload
15132018-11-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #586: 2018-10-31John Mayo, JamesDownload
15122018-11-09Taken Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15112018-11-07Ready Player One (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15102018-11-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #585: 2018-10-24John Mayo, JamesDownload
15092018-11-02Cloak and Dagger Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15082018-10-31Mayo Report: 2018-08 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
15072018-10-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #584: 2018-10-17John Mayo, JamesDownload
15062018-10-26Reverie Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15052018-10-24Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15042018-10-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #583: 2018-10-10John Mayo, JamesDownload
15032018-10-19Jessica Jones Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15022018-10-17Pacific Rim (2013)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
15012018-10-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #582: 2018-10-03John Mayo, JamesDownload
15002018-10-12Questions and Answers #002John MayoDownload
14992018-10-10Previews Spotlight #132: 2018-10John MayoDownload
14982018-10-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #581: 2018-09-26John Mayo, JamesDownload
14972018-10-05Punisher Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14962018-10-03Collector Boxlight: 2018-06 to 2018-09John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14952018-10-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #580: 2018-09-19John Mayo, JamesDownload
14942018-09-28Wizard World Austin 2018John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14932018-09-26Mayo Report: 2018-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
14922018-09-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #579: 2018-09-12John Mayo, JamesDownload
14912018-09-2112 Monkeys Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14902018-09-19Avengers: Infinity War (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14892018-09-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #578: 2018-09-05John Mayo, JamesDownload
14882018-09-14Time Wars Spotlight #12: The Six-Gun SolutionJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14872018-09-12Previews Spotlight #131: 2018-09John MayoDownload
14862018-09-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #577: 2018-08-29John Mayo, JamesDownload
14852018-09-07SWAT (2017) Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14842018-09-05Mayo Report: 2018-07 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14832018-09-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #576: 2018-08-22John Mayo, JamesDownload
14822018-08-31Bull Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14812018-08-29Mayo Report: 2018-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14802018-08-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #575: 2018-08-15John Mayo, JamesDownload
14792018-08-24Black Panther (2018)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14782018-08-22Interviews #003: Kaci HorimotoJasonDownload
14772018-08-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #574: 2018-08-08John Mayo, JamesDownload
14762018-08-17Time Wars Spotlight #11: The Cleopatra Crisis.John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14752018-08-15Previews Spotlight #130: 2018-08John MayoDownload
14742018-08-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #573: 2018-08-01John Mayo, JamesDownload
14732018-08-10Mayo Report: 2018-06 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14722018-08-08Mayo Report: 2018-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14712018-08-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #572: 2018-07-25John Mayo, JamesDownload
14702018-08-03Comic-Con International: 2018 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14692018-08-01Comic-Con International: 2018 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14682018-07-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #571: 2018-07-18John Mayo, JamesDownload
14672018-07-27Deception Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14662018-07-25Thor: Ragnarok (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14652018-07-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #570: 2018-07-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
14642018-07-20Krypton Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14632018-07-18Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14622018-07-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #569: 2018-07-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
14612018-07-13Time Wars Spotlight #10: The Hellfire RebellionJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14602018-07-11Previews Spotlight #129: 2018-07John MayoDownload
14592018-07-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #568: 2018-06-27John Mayo, JamesDownload
14582018-07-06Supergirl Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14572018-07-04Mayo Report: 2018-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14562018-07-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #567: 2018-06-20John Mayo, JamesDownload
14552018-06-29Flash Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14542018-06-27Mayo Report: 2018-05 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14532018-06-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #566: 2018-06-13John Mayo, JamesDownload
14522018-06-22Black Lightning Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14512018-06-202017-2018 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14502018-06-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #565: 2018-06-06John Mayo, JamesDownload
14492018-06-15Time Wars Spotlight #09: The Lilliput LegionJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14482018-06-13Previews Spotlight #128: 2018-06John MayoDownload
14472018-06-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #564: 2018-05-30John Mayo, JamesDownload
14462018-06-08Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14452018-06-06Collector Boxlight: 2018-04 and 2018-05John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14442018-06-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #563: 2018-05-23John Mayo, JamesDownload
14432018-06-01Arrow Season 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14422018-05-30Mayo Report: 2018-04 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14412018-05-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #562: 2018-05-16John Mayo, JamesDownload
14402018-05-25Timeless Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14392018-05-23Mayo Report: 2018-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14382018-05-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #561: 2018-05-09John Mayo, JamesDownload
14372018-05-18Time Wars Spotlight #08: The Dracula CaperJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14362018-05-16Lethal Weapon Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14352018-05-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #560: 2018-05-02John Mayo, JamesDownload
14342018-05-11MacGyver (2016) Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14332018-05-09Previews Spotlight #127: 2018-05John MayoDownload
14322018-05-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #559: 2018-04-25John Mayo, JamesDownload
14312018-05-04Legends of Tomorrow Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14302018-05-02Retailer Spotlight #005: Westside Comics and GamesJasonDownload
14292018-04-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #558: 2018-04-18John Mayo, JamesDownload
14282018-04-27Mayo Report: 2018-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14272018-04-25Mayo Report: 2018-03 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14262018-04-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #557: 2018-04-11John Mayo, JamesDownload
14252018-04-20Time Wars Spotlight #07: The Argonaut AffairJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14242018-04-18Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14232018-04-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #556: 2018-04-04John Mayo, JamesDownload
14222018-04-13Fan Expo Dallas 2018John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14212018-04-11Previews Spotlight #126: 2018-04John MayoDownload
14202018-04-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #555: 2018-03-28John Mayo, JamesDownload
14192018-04-06Collector Boxlight: 2018-02 and 2018-03John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14182018-04-04The Librarians Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14172018-04-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #554: 2018-03-21John Mayo, JamesDownload
14162018-03-30Time Wars Spotlight #06: The Khyber ConnectionJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14152018-03-28Mayo Report: 2018-02 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14142018-03-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #553: 2018-03-14John Mayo, JamesDownload
14132018-03-23Justice League (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14122018-03-21Mayo Report: 2018-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14112018-03-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #552: 2018-03-07John Mayo, JamesDownload
14102018-03-16The Gifted Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14092018-03-14Previews Spotlight #125: 2018-03John MayoDownload
14082018-03-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #551: 2018-02-28John Mayo, JamesDownload
14072018-03-09Time Wars Spotlight #05: The Nautilus SanctionJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14062018-03-07Star Trek: Discovery Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14052018-03-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #550: 2018-02-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
14042018-03-02Cutting the CordJohn Mayo, SamDownload
14032018-02-28Mayo Report: 2018-01 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
14022018-02-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #549: 2018-02-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
14012018-02-23Collector Boxlight: 2017-12 and 2018-01John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
14002018-02-21Mayo Report: 2018-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13992018-02-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #548: 2018-02-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
13982018-02-162017 Fall Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13972018-02-14Previews Spotlight #124: 2018-02John MayoDownload
13962018-02-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #547: 2018-01-31John Mayo, DrewDownload
13952018-02-09Mayo Report: 2017 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, Sam, TJ, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
13942018-02-07Mayo Report: 2017 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, Sam, TJ, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
13932018-02-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #546: 2018-01-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
13922018-02-02Runaways Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13912018-01-31Mayo Report: 2017-12 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13902018-01-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #545: 2018-01-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
13892018-01-26Time Wars Spotlight #04: The Zenda VendettaJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13882018-01-24Mayo Report: 2017-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13872018-01-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #544: 2018-01-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
13862018-01-19Doctor Who: Series 10John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13852018-01-17The Orville Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13842018-01-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #543: 2018-01-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
13832018-01-12Yearly Comics Spotlight #011: 2017John Mayo, DrewDownload
13822018-01-10Previews Spotlight #123: 2018-01John MayoDownload
13812018-01-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #542: 2017-12-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
13802018-01-05Time Wars Spotlight #03: The Pimpernel PlotJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13792018-01-03Mayo Report: 2017-11 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13782018-01-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #541: 2017-12-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
13772017-12-29Inhumans Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13762017-12-27Mayo Report: 2017-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13752017-12-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #540: 2017-12-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
13742017-12-22Class Series 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13732017-12-20Time Wars Spotlight #02: The Timekeeper ConspiracyJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13722017-12-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #539: 2017-12-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
13712017-12-15Collector Boxlight: 2017-10 and 2017-11John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13702017-12-13Previews Spotlight #122: 2017-12John MayoDownload
13692017-12-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #538: 2017-11-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
13682017-12-08Last Ship Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13672017-12-06Mayo Report: 2017-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13662017-12-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #537: 2017-11-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
13652017-12-01Torchwood: Children of EarthJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13642017-11-29Mayo Report: 2017-10 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13632017-11-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #536: 2017-11-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
13622017-11-24Salvation Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13612017-11-22Wizard World Austin 2017John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13602017-11-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #535: 2017-11-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
13592017-11-17Wonder Woman (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13582017-11-15Time Wars Spotlight #01: The Ivanhoe GambitJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13572017-11-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #534: 2017-11-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
13562017-11-10Torchwood Series 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13552017-11-08Previews Spotlight #121: 2017-11John MayoDownload
13542017-11-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #533: 2017-10-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
13532017-11-03Mayo Report: 2017-09 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13522017-11-01Mayo Report: 2017-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13512017-10-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #532: 2017-10-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
13502017-10-27Dark Matter Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13492017-10-25Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13482017-10-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #531: 2017-10-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
13472017-10-20Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13462017-10-18Collector Boxlight: 2017-08 and 2017-09John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13452017-10-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #530: 2017-10-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
13442017-10-13Defenders Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13432017-10-11Previews Spotlight #120: 2017-10John MayoDownload
13422017-10-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #529: 2017-09-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
13412017-10-06Torchwood Series 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13402017-10-04Retailer Spotlight #004: Maui Comics and CollectiblesJasonDownload
13392017-10-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #528: 2017-09-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
13382017-09-29Firefly/SerenityJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13372017-09-27Mayo Report: 2017-08 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13362017-09-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #527: 2017-09-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
13352017-09-22Mayo Report: 2017-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13342017-09-20Doctor Who: Series 9John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13332017-09-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #526: 2017-09-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
13322017-09-15Mayo Report: 2017-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13312017-09-13Previews Spotlight #119: 2017-09John MayoDownload
13302017-09-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #525: 2017-08-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
13292017-09-08Mayo Report: 2017-07 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13282017-09-06Comic-Con International: 2017 - DiscussionJohn MayoDownload
13272017-09-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #524: 2017-08-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
13262017-09-01Comic-Con International: 2017 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13252017-08-30Comic-Con International: 2017 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13242017-08-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #523: 2017-08-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
13232017-08-25Retailer Spotlight #003: Space Monkey ComicsJasonDownload
13222017-08-2310 Years LaterJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, Kay Kellam, Drew, Sam, TJDownload
13212017-08-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #522: 2017-08-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
13202017-08-18Mayo Report: 2017-06 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13192017-08-16Mayo Report: 2017-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13182017-08-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #521: 2017-08-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
13172017-08-11Collector Boxlight: 2017-06 and 2017-07John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13162017-08-09Previews Spotlight #118: 2017-08John MayoDownload
13152017-08-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #520: 2017-07-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
13142017-08-04Doctor Who: Series 8John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13132017-08-02Power Rangers (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13122017-07-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #519: 2017-07-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
13112017-07-28Lego Batman (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13102017-07-26Iron Fist Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13092017-07-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #518: 2017-07-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
13082017-07-21Logan (2017)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13072017-07-19Luke Cage Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13062017-07-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #517: 2017-07-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
13052017-07-14Bull Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
13042017-07-12Previews Spotlight #117: 2017-07John MayoDownload
13032017-07-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #516: 2017-06-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
13022017-07-072016-2017 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
13012017-07-05Mayo Report: 2017-05 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
13002017-07-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #515: 2017-06-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
12992017-06-30Mayo Report: 2017-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12982017-06-28Clue (1985)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12972017-06-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #514: 2017-06-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
12962017-06-23Arrow Season 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12952017-06-21Flash Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12942017-06-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #513: 2017-06-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
12932017-06-16Supergirl Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12922017-06-14Previews Spotlight #116: 2017-06John MayoDownload
12912017-06-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #512: 2017-05-31John Mayo, DrewDownload
12902017-06-09Collector Boxlight: 2017-04 and 2017-05John MayoDownload
12892017-06-0712 Monkeys Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12882017-06-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #511: 2017-05-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
12872017-06-02Legion Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12862017-05-31APB Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12852017-05-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #510: 2017-05-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
12842017-05-26Amazing Comic Cons 2017Download
12832017-05-24Mayo Report: 2017-04 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12822017-05-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #509: 2017-05-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
12812017-05-19Lethal Weapon Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12802017-05-17Mayo Report: 2017-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12792017-05-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #508: 2017-05-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
12782017-05-12Taken Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12772017-05-10Previews Spotlight #115: 2017-05John MayoDownload
12762017-05-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #507: 2017-04-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
12752017-05-05Doctor Who: Series 7 SpecialsJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12742017-05-03Mayo Report: 2017-03 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12732017-05-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #506: 2017-04-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
12722017-04-28Mayo Report: 2017-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12712017-04-26Mayo Report: 2017-03 Behind the NumbersJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
12702017-04-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #505: 2017-04-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
12692017-04-21Legends of Tomorrow Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12682017-04-19MacGyver (2016) Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12672017-04-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #504: 2017-04-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
12662017-04-14Rogue One (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12652017-04-12Previews Spotlight #114: 2017-04John MayoDownload
12642017-04-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #503: 2017-03-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
12632017-04-07Doctor Who: Series 7John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12622017-04-05Collector Boxlight: 2017-03John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12612017-04-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #502: 2017-03-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
12602017-03-31Doctor Who: Series 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12592017-03-29Doctor Strange (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12582017-03-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #501: 2017-03-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
12572017-03-24Mayo Report: 2017-02 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12562017-03-22Back Issue Spotlight #036: Issue 500sJohn Mayo, DrewDownload
12552017-03-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #500: 2017-03-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
12542017-03-17Mayo Report: 2017-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12532017-03-15Previews Spotlight #113: 2017-03John MayoDownload
12522017-03-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #499: 2017-03-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
12512017-03-10Timeless Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12502017-03-08Collector Boxlight: 2017-02John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12492017-03-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #498: 2017-02-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
12482017-03-03Mayo Report: 2017-01 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12472017-03-01Mayo Report: 2017-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12462017-02-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #497: 2017-02-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
12452017-02-24Mr Robot Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12442017-02-22Doctor Who: Series 5John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12432017-02-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #496: 2017-02-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
12422017-02-17Mr Robot Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12412017-02-15Previews Spotlight #112: 2017-02John MayoDownload
12402017-02-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #495: 2017-02-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
12392017-02-10Doctor Who: Series 4 SpecialsJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12382017-02-08Miraculous Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12372017-02-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #494: 2017-01-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
12362017-02-03The Librarians Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12352017-02-01Collector Boxlight: 2017-01John MayoDownload
12342017-01-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #493: 2017-01-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
12332017-01-27Mayo Report: 2016-12 Comics (Part 2)John Mayo, SamDownload
12322017-01-25Mayo Report: 2016-12 Comics (Part 1)John Mayo, SamDownload
12312017-01-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #492: 2017-01-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
12302017-01-20Doctor Who: Series 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12292017-01-18Mayo Report: 2016-12 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12282017-01-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #491: 2017-01-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
12272017-01-13Yearly Comics Spotlight #010: 2016John Mayo, DrewDownload
12262017-01-11Previews Spotlight #111: 2017-01John MayoDownload
12252017-01-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #490: 2016-12-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
12242017-01-06Suicide Squad (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12232017-01-04Collector Boxlight: 2016-12John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12222017-01-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #489: 2016-12-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
12212016-12-30Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12202016-12-282016 Fall Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12192016-12-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #488: 2016-12-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
12182016-12-23Mayo Report: 2016-11 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12172016-12-21Mayo Report: 2016-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12162016-12-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #487: 2016-12-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
12152016-12-16Doctor Who: Series 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12142016-12-14Previews Spotlight #110: 2016-12John MayoDownload
12132016-12-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #486: 2016-11-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
12122016-12-09X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12112016-12-07Collector Boxlight: 2016-11John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12102016-12-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #485: 2016-11-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
12092016-12-02Star Trek: Beyond (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12082016-11-30Mayo Report: 2016-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
12072016-11-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #484: 2016-11-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
12062016-11-25Mayo Report: 2016-10 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
12052016-11-23Collector Boxlight: 2016-10John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12042016-11-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #483: 2016-11-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
12032016-11-18Doctor Who: Series 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12022016-11-16Dark Matter Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
12012016-11-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #482: 2016-11-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
12002016-11-11Mayo Report: 2016-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11992016-11-09Previews Spotlight #109: 2016-11John MayoDownload
11982016-11-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #481: 2016-10-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
11972016-11-04Now You See Me 1 and 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11962016-11-02The Last Ship Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11952016-10-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #480: 2016-10-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
11942016-10-28Doctor Who: Series 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11932016-10-26Mayo Report: 2016-09 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11922016-10-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #479: 2016-10-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
11912016-10-21Back Issue Spotlight #035: Paul Levitz Legion of Super-Heroes Year 2 Featuring the CurseJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11902016-10-19Collector Boxlight: 2016-09John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11892016-10-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #478: 2016-10-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
11882016-10-14Comic BlitzJohn MayoDownload
11872016-10-12Previews Spotlight #108: 2016-10John MayoDownload
11862016-10-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #477: 2016-09-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
11852016-10-07Mayo Report: 2016-08 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11842016-10-05Mayo Report: 2016-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11832016-10-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #476: 2016-09-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
11822016-09-30International Podcasting Day 2016John Mayo, Chris Marshall, Derek RoyalDownload
11812016-09-28Wizard World Austin 2016Kay KellamDownload
11802016-09-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #475: 2016-09-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
11792016-09-23Doctor Who Television Movie (1996)John MayoDownload
11782016-09-21Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11772016-09-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #474: 2016-09-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
11762016-09-16Subscription Boxlight: 2016-08John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11752016-09-14Previews Spotlight #107: 2016-09John MayoDownload
11742016-09-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #473: 2016-08-31John Mayo, DrewDownload
11732016-09-09Back Issue Spotlight #034: JLA/AvengersJohn Mayo, Eric (Kowabunga)Download
11722016-09-07Subscription Boxlight: RecapJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11712016-09-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #472: 2016-08-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
11702016-09-02Mayo Report: 2016-07 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11692016-08-31Mayo Report: 2016-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11682016-08-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #471: 2016-08-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
11672016-08-2612 Monkeys Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11662016-08-24Subscription Boxlight: 2016-07John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11652016-08-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #470: 2016-08-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
11642016-08-19Mayo Report: 2016-06 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11632016-08-17Mayo Report: 2016-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11622016-08-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #469: 2016-08-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
11612016-08-12Comic-Con International: 2016 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11602016-08-10Previews Spotlight #106: 2016-08John MayoDownload
11592016-08-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #468: 2016-07-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
11582016-08-05Comic-Con International: 2016 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11572016-08-03Comic-Con International: San Diego 2016 Podcast PanelJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11562016-08-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #467: 2016-07-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
11552016-07-29Kingsmen: The Secret Service (2015)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11542016-07-27Publisher Spotlight #013: Overground ComicsJohn MayoDownload
11532016-07-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #466: 2016-07-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
11522016-07-22Con Man Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11512016-07-20CastleJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11502016-07-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #465: 2016-07-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
11492016-07-15Star Trek (2009)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11482016-07-13Previews Spotlight #105: 2016-07John MayoDownload
11472016-07-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #464: 2016-06-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
11462016-07-08Person of InterestJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11452016-07-06Subscription Boxlight: 2016-06John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11442016-07-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #463: 2016-06-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
11432016-07-012015-2016 Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11422016-06-29Mayo Report: 2016-05 TradesJohn MayoDownload
11412016-06-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #462: 2016-06-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
11402016-06-24Arrow Season 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11392016-06-22Mayo Report: 2016-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11382016-06-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #461: 2016-06-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
11372016-06-17Flash Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11362016-06-15Subscription Boxlight: 2016-05John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11352016-06-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #460: 2016-06-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
11342016-06-10Fan Expo Dallas 2016John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11332016-06-08Previews Spotlight #104: 2016-06John MayoDownload
11322016-06-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #459: 2016-05-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
11312016-06-03Mayo Report: 2016-04 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11302016-06-01Mayo Report: 2016-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11292016-05-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #458: 2016-05-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
11282016-05-27Deadpool (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11272016-05-25Legends of Tomorrow Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11262016-05-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #457: 2016-05-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
11252016-05-20Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11242016-05-18Captain America: Civil WarJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11232016-05-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #456: 2016-05-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
11222016-05-13Limitless Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11212016-05-11Previews Spotlight #103: 2016-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
11202016-05-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #455: 2016-04-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
11192016-05-06Supergirl Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11182016-05-04Subscription Boxlight: 2016-04John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11172016-05-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #454: 2016-04-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
11162016-04-29Iron Man moviesJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11152016-04-27Mayo Report: 2016-03 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11142016-04-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #453: 2016-04-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
11132016-04-22Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11122016-04-20Mayo Report: 2016-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
11112016-04-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #452: 2016-04-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
11102016-04-15Agent Carter Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11092016-04-13Previews Spotlight #102: 2016-04John MayoDownload
11082016-04-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #451: 2016-03-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
11072016-04-08Daredevil Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11062016-04-06Subscription Boxlight: 2016-03John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11052016-04-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #450: 2016-03-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
11042016-04-01Star Trek ProjectsJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11032016-03-30Rush Hour MoviesJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
11022016-03-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #449: 2016-03-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
11012016-03-25Mayo Report: 2016-02 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
11002016-03-23C2E2 2016John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10992016-03-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #448: 2016-03-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
10982016-03-18Man of Steel (2013)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10972016-03-16Mayo Report: 2016-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10962016-03-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #447: 2016-03-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
10952016-03-11Subscription Boxlight: 2016-02John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10942016-03-09Previews Spotlight #101: 2016-03John MayoDownload
10932016-03-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #446: 2016-02-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
10922016-03-04Questions and Answers #001John MayoDownload
10912016-03-02The Librarians Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10902016-02-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #445: 2016-02-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
10892016-02-26Mayo Report: 2016-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10882016-02-2412 Monkeys Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10872016-02-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #444: 2016-02-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
10862016-02-19Mayo Report: 2016-01 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10852016-02-17Dallas ComicCon Fan Days 2016John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10842016-02-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #443: 2016-02-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
10832016-02-12Jessica Jones Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10822016-02-10Previews Spotlight #100: 2016-02John MayoDownload
10812016-02-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #442: 2016-01-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
10802016-02-05Minority Report Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10792016-02-03Subscription Boxlight: 2016-01John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10782016-02-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #441: 2016-01-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
10772016-01-29Mayo Report: 2015 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10762016-01-27Mayo Report: 2015 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10752016-01-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #440: 2016-01-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
10742016-01-22Mayo Report: 2015-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10732016-01-20Mayo Report: 2015-12 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10722016-01-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #439: 2016-01-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
10712016-01-15Yearly Comics Spotlight #009: 2015John Mayo, DrewDownload
10702016-01-13Previews Spotlight #099: 2016-01John MayoDownload
10692016-01-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #438: 2015-12-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
10682016-01-08Ant-Man (2015)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10672016-01-06Subscription Boxlight: 2015-12John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10662016-01-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #437: 2015-12-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
10652016-01-01Mayo Report: 2015-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10642015-12-30Mayo Report: 2015-11 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10632015-12-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #436: 2015-12-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
10622015-12-25Star Wars: The Force AwakensJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10612015-12-232015 Fall Television RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10602015-12-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #435: 2015-12-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
10592015-12-18Star Wars I-IIIJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10582015-12-16Star Wars IV-VIJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10572015-12-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #434: 2015-12-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
10562015-12-11The Player Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10552015-12-09Previews Spotlight #098: 2015-12John MayoDownload
10542015-12-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #433: 2015-11-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
10532015-12-04Dark Matter Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10522015-12-02Subscription Boxlight: 2015-11John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10512015-11-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #432: 2015-11-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
10502015-11-27The Librarians Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10492015-11-25Mayo Report: 2015-10 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10482015-11-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #431: 2015-11-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
10472015-11-20Continuum Seasons 3 and 4John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10462015-11-18Mayo Report: 2015-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10452015-11-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #430: 2015-11-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
10442015-11-13Subscription Boxlight: 2015-10John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10432015-11-11Previews Spotlight #097: 2015-11John MayoDownload
10422015-11-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #429: 2015-10-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
10412015-11-06Gotham Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10402015-11-04Wizard World Austin 2015John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10392015-11-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #428: 2015-10-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
10382015-10-30My Favorite Martian (Television Series)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10372015-10-28Mayo Report: 2015-09 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10362015-10-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #427: 2015-10-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
10352015-10-23Mayo Report: 2015-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10342015-10-21Back to the Future TrilogyJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10332015-10-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #426: 2015-10-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
10322015-10-16The Last Ship Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10312015-10-14Previews Spotlight #096: 2015-10John MayoDownload
10302015-10-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #425: 2015-09-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
10292015-10-09Daredevil Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10282015-10-07Subscription Boxlight: 2015-09John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10272015-10-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #424: 2015-09-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
10262015-10-01Interstellar (2014)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10252015-09-30Mayo Report: 2015-08 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10242015-09-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #423: 2015-09-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
10232015-09-25Twelve Monkeys (1995)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10222015-09-23Mayo Report: 2015-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10212015-09-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #422: 2015-09-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
10202015-09-18Limitless (2011)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10192015-09-16Justice League: Gods and MonstersJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10182015-09-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #421: 2015-09-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
10172015-09-11Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10162015-09-09Previews Spotlight #095: 2015-09John MayoDownload
10152015-09-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #420: 2015-08-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
10142015-09-04Fantastic Four (2005)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10132015-09-02Subscription Boxlight: 2015-08John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10122015-08-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #419: 2015-08-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
10112015-08-28Terminator MoviesJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10102015-08-26Mayo Report: 2015-07 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
10092015-08-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #418: 2015-08-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
10082015-08-21Fantastic Four (2015)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10072015-08-19Mayo Report: 2015-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
10062015-08-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #417: 2015-08-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
10052015-08-14Texas Comicon 2015John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10042015-08-12Previews Spotlight #094: 2015-08John MayoDownload
10032015-08-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #416: 2015-07-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
10022015-08-07Subscription Boxlight: 2015-07John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
10012015-08-05Episode #1001John Mayo, Chris Marshall, Drew, SamDownload
10002015-08-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #415: 2015-07-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
9992015-07-31Mayo Report: 2015-06 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
9982015-07-29Mayo Report: 2015-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9972015-07-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #414: 2015-07-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
9962015-07-24Comic-Con International: 2015 - Part 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9952015-07-22Comic-Con International: 2015 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9942015-07-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #413: 2015-07-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
9932015-07-17Comic-Con International: 2015 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9922015-07-15Comic-Con International: San Diego 2015 Podcast PanelJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9912015-07-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #412: 2015-07-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
9902015-07-10Subscription Boxlight: 2015-06John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9892015-07-08Mayo Report: 2015-05 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
9882015-07-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #411: 2015-06-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
9872015-07-03Mayo Report: 2015-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9862015-07-01Previews Spotlight #093: 2015-07John MayoDownload
9852015-06-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #410: 2015-06-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
9842015-06-26Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9832015-06-24Percy Jackson: The Lightning ThiefJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9822015-06-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #409: 2015-06-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
9812015-06-19Flash Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9802015-06-17Arrow Season 3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9792015-06-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #408: 2015-06-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
9782015-06-12Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 1 and 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9772015-06-10Subscription Boxlight: 2015-05 LootCrateJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9762015-06-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #407: 2015-05-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
9752015-06-05Mayo Report: 2015-04 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
9742015-06-03Previews Spotlight #092: 2015-06John MayoDownload
9732015-06-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #406: 2015-05-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
9722015-05-292014-2015 TV RatingsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9712015-05-27Mayo Report: 2015-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9702015-05-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #405: 2015-05-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
9692015-05-22Avengers: Age of UltronJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9682015-05-20Subscription Boxlight: 2015-05 Comic Con Box/Marvel Collector CorpsJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9672015-05-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #404: 2015-05-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
9662015-05-15AvengersJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9652015-05-13Previews Spotlight #091: 2015-05John MayoDownload
9642015-05-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #403: 2015-04-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
9632015-05-08C2E2 2015John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9622015-05-06Subscription Boxlight: 2015-04 LootCrateJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9612015-05-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #402: 2015-04-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
9602015-05-01JustifiedJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9592015-04-29Mayo Report: 2015-03 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
9582015-04-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #401: 2015-04-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
9572015-04-24Mayo Report: 2015-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9562015-04-22Back Issue Spotlight #033: Issue 400sJohn Mayo, DrewDownload
9552015-04-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #400: 2015-04-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
9542015-04-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #399: 2015-04-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
9532015-04-10DaredevilJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9522015-04-08Previews Spotlight #090: 2015-04John MayoDownload
9512015-04-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #398: 2015-03-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
9502015-04-03Bill and TedJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9492015-04-01Subscription Boxlight: 2015-03 LootCrateJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9482015-03-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #397: 2015-03-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
9472015-03-27Mayo Report: 2015-02 TradesJohn Mayo, TJDownload
9462015-03-25Mayo Report: 2015-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9452015-03-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #396: 2015-03-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
9442015-03-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #395: 2015-03-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
9432015-03-11Previews Spotlight #089: 2015-03John MayoDownload
9422015-03-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #394: 2015-02-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
9412015-03-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #393: 2015-02-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
9402015-02-27Captain America: The Winter SoldierJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9392015-02-25Mayo Report: 2015-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Derek RoyalDownload
9382015-02-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #392: 2015-02-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
9372015-02-20Captain America: The First AvengerJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9362015-02-18Mayo Report: 2015-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9352015-02-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #391: 2015-02-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
9342015-02-13Galaxy QuestJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9332015-02-11Previews Spotlight #088: 2015-02John MayoDownload
9322015-02-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #390: 2015-01-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
9312015-02-06Mayo Report: 2014 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
9302015-02-04Mayo Report: 2014 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9292015-02-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #389: 2015-01-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
9282015-01-30Mayo Report: 2014-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
9272015-01-28Mayo Report: 2014-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9262015-01-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #388: 2015-01-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
9252015-01-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #387: 2015-01-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
9242015-01-16Yearly Comics Spotlight #008: 2014John Mayo, DrewDownload
9232015-01-14Previews Spotlight #087: 2015-01John MayoDownload
9222015-01-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #386: 2014-12-31John Mayo, DrewDownload
9212015-01-092015 Spring Television Season PreviewJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9202015-01-07Back Issue Spotlight #032: Earth OneJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9192015-01-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #385: 2014-12-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
9182014-12-31Television Ratings PrimerJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9172014-12-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #384: 2014-12-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
9162014-12-24Mayo Report: 2014-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9152014-12-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #383: 2014-12-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
9142014-12-19The Flashpoint ParadoxJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9132014-12-17Mayo Report: 2014-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
9122014-12-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #382: 2014-12-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
9112014-12-12Veronica Mars Seasons 1-3John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9102014-12-10Previews Spotlight #086: 2014-12John MayoDownload
9092014-12-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #381: 2014-11-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
9082014-12-05The LibrarianJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9072014-12-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #380: 2014-11-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
9062014-11-28The Mentalist Season 6John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9052014-11-26Mayo Report: 2014-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
9042014-11-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #379: 2014-11-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
9032014-11-21Hercules (and The Legend of Hercules)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
9022014-11-19Mayo Report: 2014-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
9012014-11-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #378: 2014-11-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
9002014-11-14Legends Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8992014-11-12Previews Spotlight #085: 2014-11John MayoDownload
8982014-11-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #377: 2014-10-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
8972014-11-07The Last Ship Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8962014-11-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #376: 2014-10-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
8952014-10-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #375: 2014-10-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
8942014-10-24Mayo Report: 2014-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8932014-10-22Mayo Report: 2014-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8922014-10-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #374: 2014-10-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
8912014-10-15Wizard World Austin 2014 PanelJohn Mayo, Derek RoyalDownload
8902014-10-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #373: 2014-10-01John Mayo, DrewDownload
8892014-10-10Wizard World Austin 2014John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8882014-10-08Previews Spotlight #084: 2014-10John MayoDownload
8872014-10-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #372: 2014-09-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
8862014-10-012014 Fall Television Season PreviewJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8852014-09-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #371: 2014-09-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
8842014-09-26Arrow Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8832014-09-24Arrow Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8822014-09-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #370: 2014-09-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
8812014-09-19Mayo Report: 2014-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8802014-09-17Mayo Report: 2014-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8792014-09-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #369: 2014-09-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
8782014-09-12Orphan BlackJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8772014-09-10Previews Spotlight #083: 2014-09John MayoDownload
8762014-09-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #368: 2014-08-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
8752014-09-05Fan Expo Canada 2014 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8742014-09-03Fan Expo Canada 2014 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8732014-09-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #367: 2014-08-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
8722014-08-29Mayo Report: 2014-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8712014-08-27Guardians of the GalaxyJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8702014-08-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #366: 2014-08-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
8692014-08-22Mayo Report: 2014-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8682014-08-20Previews Spotlight Interviews #082: Previews Panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014John MayoDownload
8672014-08-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #365: 2014-08-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
8662014-08-15Mayo Report: 2014-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8652014-08-13Previews Spotlight #082: 2014-08John MayoDownload
8642014-08-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #364: 2014-07-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
8632014-08-08Mayo Report: 2014-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8622014-08-06Wizard World: San Antonio 2014John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8612014-08-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #363: 2014-07-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
8602014-08-01Comic-Con International: 2014 - Part 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8592014-07-30Comic-Con International: 2014 - Part 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8582014-07-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #362: 2014-07-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
8572014-07-25Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 Podcast PanelJohn MayoDownload
8562014-07-23Comic Con Quick Start 2014John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8552014-07-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #361: 2014-07-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
8542014-07-16Capital City Comic Con 2014John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8532014-07-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #360: 2014-07-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
8522014-07-11X-Men: First Class (movie)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8512014-07-09Previews Spotlight #081: 2014-07John MayoDownload
8502014-07-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #359: 2014-06-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
8492014-07-02X-Men: Days of Future Past (movie)John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8482014-06-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #358: 2014-06-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
8472014-06-27Mayo Report: 2014-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8462014-06-25Mayo Report: 2014-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8452014-06-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #357: 2014-06-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
8442014-06-20All You Need Is KillJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
8432014-06-18Getting and Keeping ReadersJohn Mayo, Derek RoyalDownload
8422014-06-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #356: 2014-06-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
8412014-06-11Previews Spotlight #080: 2014-06John MayoDownload
8402014-06-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #355: 2014-05-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
8392014-06-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #354: 2014-05-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
8382014-05-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #353: 2014-05-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
8372014-05-23Mayo Report: 2014-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8362014-05-21Mayo Report: 2014-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8352014-05-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #352: 2014-05-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
8342014-05-14Previews Spotlight #079: 2014-05John MayoDownload
8332014-05-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #351: 2014-04-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
8322014-05-09Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) 2014John MayoDownload
8312014-05-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #350: 2014-04-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
8302014-04-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #349: 2014-04-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
8292014-04-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #348: 2014-04-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
8282014-04-18Mayo Report: 2014-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8272014-04-16Mayo Report: 2014-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8262014-04-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #347: 2014-04-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
8252014-04-11Previews Spotlight Interviews #078: 2014-04DrewDownload
8242014-04-09Previews Spotlight #078: 2014-04John MayoDownload
8232014-04-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #346: 2014-03-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
8222014-03-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #345: 2014-03-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
8212014-03-26Mayo Report: 2014-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8202014-03-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #344: 2014-03-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
8192014-03-21Mayo Report: 2014-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8182014-03-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #343: 2014-03-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
8172014-03-12Previews Spotlight #077: 2014-03John MayoDownload
8162014-03-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #342: 2014-02-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
8152014-03-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #341: 2014-02-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
8142014-02-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #340: 2014-02-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
8132014-02-19Mayo Report: 2014-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8122014-02-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #339: 2014-02-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
8112014-02-14Mayo Report: 2014-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8102014-02-12Previews Spotlight #076: 2014-02John MayoDownload
8092014-02-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #338: 2014-01-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
8082014-02-07Mayo Report: 2013 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8072014-02-05Mayo Report: 2013 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8062014-02-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #337: 2014-01-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
8052014-01-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #336: 2014-01-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
8042014-01-24Mayo Report: 2013-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
8032014-01-22Mayo Report: 2013-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
8022014-01-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #335: 2014-01-08John Mayo, DrewDownload
8012014-01-17Yearly Comics Spotlight #007: 2013John Mayo, DrewDownload
8002014-01-15Previews Spotlight #075: 2014-01John MayoDownload
7992014-01-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #334: 2013-12-31John Mayo, DrewDownload
7982014-01-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #333: 2013-12-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
7972013-12-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #332: 2013-12-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
7962013-12-25Mayo Report: 2013-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
7952013-12-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #331: 2013-12-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
7942013-12-20Mayo Report: 2013-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7932013-12-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #330: 2013-12-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
7922013-12-11Previews Spotlight #074: 2013-12John MayoDownload
7912013-12-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #329: 2013-11-27John Mayo, DrewDownload
7902013-12-06Retailer Spotlight #002: DCBService.comJohn MayoDownload
7892013-12-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #328: 2013-11-20John Mayo, DrewDownload
7882013-11-27Wizard World Austin 2013 PanelJohn Mayo, Derek RoyalDownload
7872013-11-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #327: 2013-11-13John Mayo, DrewDownload
7862013-11-22Mayo Report: 2013-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
7852013-11-20Mayo Report: 2013-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7842013-11-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #326: 2013-11-06John Mayo, DrewDownload
7832013-11-15Licensed ComicsJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, Derek Royal, Andy KunkaDownload
7822013-11-13Previews Spotlight #073: 2013-11John MayoDownload
7812013-11-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #325: 2013-10-30John Mayo, DrewDownload
7802013-11-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #324: 2013-10-23John Mayo, DrewDownload
7792013-10-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #323: 2013-10-16John Mayo, DrewDownload
7782013-10-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #322: 2013-10-09John Mayo, DrewDownload
7772013-10-18Mayo Report: 2013-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
7762013-10-16Mayo Report: 2013-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7752013-10-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #321: 2013-10-02John Mayo, DrewDownload
7742013-10-09Previews Spotlight #072: 2013-10John MayoDownload
7732013-10-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #320: 2013-09-25John Mayo, DrewDownload
7722013-09-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #319: 2013-09-18John Mayo, DrewDownload
7712013-09-25Continuum Season 2John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
7702013-09-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #318: 2013-09-11John Mayo, DrewDownload
7692013-09-20Mayo Report: 2013-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
7682013-09-18Mayo Report: 2013-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7672013-09-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #317: 2013-09-04John Mayo, DrewDownload
7662013-09-11Previews Spotlight #071: 2013-09John MayoDownload
7652013-09-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #316: 2013-08-28John Mayo, DrewDownload
7642013-09-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #315: 2013-08-21John Mayo, DrewDownload
7632013-08-30Mayo Report: 2013-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7622013-08-28Mayo Report: 2013-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
7612013-08-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #314: 2013-08-14John Mayo, DrewDownload
7602013-08-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #313: 2013-08-07John Mayo, DrewDownload
7592013-08-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #312: 2013-07-31John Mayo, DrewDownload
7582013-08-09Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 EisnersJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, Derek Royal, Andy KunkaDownload
7572013-08-07Previews Spotlight #070: 2013-08John MayoDownload
7562013-08-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #311: 2013-07-24John Mayo, DrewDownload
7552013-08-02Mayo Report: 2013-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7542013-07-31Mayo Report: 2013-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BrianDownload
7532013-07-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #310: 2013-07-17John Mayo, DrewDownload
7522013-07-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #309: 2013-07-10John Mayo, DrewDownload
7512013-07-19Comic-Con International: San Diego 2013 Podcast PanelJohn MayoDownload
7502013-07-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #308: 2013-07-03John Mayo, DrewDownload
7492013-07-10Previews Spotlight #069: 2013-07John MayoDownload
7482013-07-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #307: 2013-06-26John Mayo, DrewDownload
7472013-07-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #306: 2013-06-19John Mayo, DrewDownload
7462013-06-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #305: 2013-06-12John Mayo, DrewDownload
7452013-06-21Mayo Report: 2013-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, SamDownload
7442013-06-19Mayo Report: 2013-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7432013-06-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #304: 2013-06-05John Mayo, DrewDownload
7422013-06-14Mainstream vs IndyJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, Derek Royal, Andy KunkaDownload
7412013-06-12Previews Spotlight #068: 2013-06John MayoDownload
7402013-06-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #303: 2013-05-29John Mayo, DrewDownload
7392013-06-05Continuum Season 1John Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
7382013-06-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #302: 2013-05-22John Mayo, DrewDownload
7372013-05-29Star Trek: Into DarknessJohn Mayo, Kay KellamDownload
7362013-05-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #301: 2013-05-15John Mayo, DrewDownload
7352013-05-22Back Issue Spotlight #031: Issue 300sJohn Mayo, BobDownload
7342013-05-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #300: 2013-05-08John Mayo, BobDownload
7332013-05-17Mayo Report: 2013-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7322013-05-15Mayo Report: 2013-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, Derek RoyalDownload
7312013-05-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #299: 2013-05-01John Mayo, BobDownload
7302013-05-08Previews Spotlight #067: 2013-05John MayoDownload
7292013-05-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #298: 2013-04-24John Mayo, BobDownload
7282013-04-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #297: 2013-04-17John Mayo, BobDownload
7272013-04-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #296: 2013-04-10John Mayo, BobDownload
7262013-04-17Mayo Report: 2013-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
7252013-04-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #295: 2013-04-03John Mayo, BobDownload
7242013-04-12Mayo Report: 2013-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7232013-04-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #294: 2013-03-27John Mayo, BobDownload
7222013-04-03Previews Spotlight #066: 2013-04John Mayo, BobDownload
7212013-04-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #293: 2013-03-20John Mayo, BobDownload
7202013-03-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #292: 2013-03-13John Mayo, BobDownload
7192013-03-20Mayo Report: 2013-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
7182013-03-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #291: 2013-03-06John Mayo, BobDownload
7172013-03-15Mayo Report: 2013-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7162013-03-13Previews Spotlight #065: 2013-03John Mayo, BobDownload
7152013-03-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #290: 2013-02-27John Mayo, BobDownload
7142013-03-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #289: 2013-02-20John Mayo, BobDownload
7132013-02-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #288: 2013-02-13John Mayo, BobDownload
7122013-02-20Mayo Report: 2013-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
7112013-02-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #287: 2013-02-06John Mayo, BobDownload
7102013-02-15Mayo Report: 2013-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7092013-02-13Previews Spotlight #064: 2013-02John Mayo, BobDownload
7082013-02-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #286: 2013-01-30John Mayo, BobDownload
7072013-02-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #285: 2013-01-23John Mayo, BobDownload
7062013-02-01Mayo Report: 2012 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7052013-01-30Mayo Report: 2012 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
7042013-01-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #284: 2013-01-16John Mayo, BobDownload
7032013-01-25Mayo Report: 2012-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
7022013-01-23Mayo Report: 2012-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
7012013-01-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #283: 2013-01-09John Mayo, BobDownload
7002013-01-16Previews Spotlight #063: 2013-01John Mayo, BobDownload
6992013-01-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #282: 2013-01-02John Mayo, BobDownload
6982013-01-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #281: 2012-12-26John Mayo, BobDownload
6972013-01-02Yearly Comics Spotlight #006: 2012John Mayo, BobDownload
6962012-12-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #280: 2012-12-19John Mayo, BobDownload
6952012-12-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #279: 2012-12-12John Mayo, BobDownload
6942012-12-19Mayo Report: 2012-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6932012-12-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #278: 2012-12-05John Mayo, BobDownload
6922012-12-14Mayo Report: 2012-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6912012-12-12Previews Spotlight #062: 2012-12John Mayo, BobDownload
6902012-12-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #277: 2012-11-28John Mayo, BobDownload
6892012-12-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #276: 2012-11-21John Mayo, BobDownload
6882012-11-28Long Beach Comic Con 2012BobDownload
6872012-11-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #275: 2012-11-14John Mayo, BobDownload
6862012-11-23Mayo Report: 2012-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6852012-11-21Mayo Report: 2012-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6842012-11-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #274: 2012-11-07John Mayo, BobDownload
6832012-11-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #061: 2012-11BobDownload
6822012-11-14Previews Spotlight #061: 2012-11John Mayo, BobDownload
6812012-11-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #273: 2012-10-31John Mayo, BobDownload
6802012-11-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #272: 2012-10-24John Mayo, BobDownload
6792012-10-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #271: 2012-10-17John Mayo, BobDownload
6782012-10-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #270: 2012-10-10John Mayo, BobDownload
6772012-10-17Previews Spotlight #060: 2012-10John Mayo, BobDownload
6762012-10-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #269: 2012-10-03John Mayo, BobDownload
6752012-10-12Mayo Report: 2012-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6742012-10-10Mayo Report: 2012-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6732012-10-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #268: 2012-09-26John Mayo, BobDownload
6722012-10-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #267: 2012-09-19John Mayo, BobDownload
6712012-09-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #266: 2012-09-12John Mayo, BobDownload
6702012-09-21Mayo Report: 2012-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6692012-09-19Mayo Report: 2012-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6682012-09-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #265: 2012-09-05John Mayo, BobDownload
6672012-09-12Previews Spotlight #059: 2012-09John Mayo, BobDownload
6662012-09-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #264: 2012-08-29John Mayo, BobDownload
6652012-09-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #263: 2012-08-22John Mayo, BobDownload
6642012-08-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #262: 2012-08-15John Mayo, BobDownload
6632012-08-22Publisher Spotlight #012: Creative Impulse EntertainmentBobDownload
6622012-08-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #261: 2012-08-08John Mayo, BobDownload
6612012-08-17Mayo Report: 2012-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6602012-08-15Mayo Report: 2012-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6592012-08-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #260: 2012-08-01John Mayo, BobDownload
6582012-08-10Previews Spotlight Interviews #058: 2012-08BobDownload
6572012-08-08Previews Spotlight #058: 2012-08John Mayo, BobDownload
6562012-08-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #259: 2012-07-25John Mayo, BobDownload
6552012-08-03Interviews #002: KickStarter 2012-08BobDownload
6542012-08-01Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012John Mayo, BobDownload
6532012-07-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #258: 2012-07-18John Mayo, BobDownload
6522012-07-27Mayo Report: 2012-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6512012-07-25Mayo Report: 2012-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6502012-07-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #257: 2012-07-11John Mayo, BobDownload
6492012-07-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #256: 2012-07-04John Mayo, BobDownload
6482012-07-13Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012 Podcast PanelBobDownload
6472012-07-11Previews Spotlight #057: 2012-07John Mayo, BobDownload
6462012-07-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #255: 2012-06-27John Mayo, BobDownload
6452012-07-06Previews Spotlight Interviews #057: 2012-07BobDownload
6442012-07-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #254: 2012-06-20John Mayo, BobDownload
6432012-06-29Mayo Report: 2012-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6422012-06-27Mayo Report: 2012-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6412012-06-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #253: 2012-06-13John Mayo, BobDownload
6402012-06-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #252: 2012-06-06John Mayo, BobDownload
6392012-06-15Previews Spotlight Interviews #056: 2012-06BobDownload
6382012-06-13Previews Spotlight #056: 2012-06John Mayo, BobDownload
6372012-06-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #251: 2012-05-30John Mayo, BobDownload
6362012-06-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #250: 2012-05-23John Mayo, BobDownload
6352012-05-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #249: 2012-05-16John Mayo, BobDownload
6342012-05-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #248: 2012-05-09John Mayo, BobDownload
6332012-05-18Mayo Report: 2012-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6322012-05-16Mayo Report: 2012-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6312012-05-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #247: 2012-05-02John Mayo, BobDownload
6302012-05-09Previews Spotlight #055: 2012-05John Mayo, BobDownload
6292012-05-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #246: 2012-04-25John Mayo, BobDownload
6282012-05-02Mayo Report: 2012-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6272012-04-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #245: 2012-04-18John Mayo, BobDownload
6262012-04-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #244: 2012-04-11John Mayo, BobDownload
6252012-04-18Mayo Report: 2012-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6242012-04-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #243: 2012-04-04John Mayo, BobDownload
6232012-04-13Previews Spotlight Interviews #054: 2012-04BobDownload
6222012-04-11Previews Spotlight #054: 2012-04John Mayo, BobDownload
6212012-04-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #242: 2012-03-28John Mayo, BobDownload
6202012-04-04Publisher Spotlight #011: ValiantBobDownload
6192012-04-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #241: 2012-03-21John Mayo, BobDownload
6182012-03-30Interviews #001: F-OO FightersJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6172012-03-28WonderCon 2012BobDownload
6162012-03-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #240: 2012-03-14John Mayo, BobDownload
6152012-03-23Mayo Report: 2012-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6142012-03-21Mayo Report: 2012-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6132012-03-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #239: 2012-03-07John Mayo, BobDownload
6122012-03-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #053: 2012-03BobDownload
6112012-03-14Previews Spotlight #053: 2012-03John Mayo, BobDownload
6102012-03-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #238: 2012-02-29John Mayo, BobDownload
6092012-03-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #237: 2012-02-22John Mayo, BobDownload
6082012-02-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #236: 2012-02-15John Mayo, BobDownload
6072012-02-24Mayo Report: 2012-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
6062012-02-22Mayo Report: 2012-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
6052012-02-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #235: 2012-02-08John Mayo, BobDownload
6042012-02-17Previews Spotlight Interviews #052: 2012-02BobDownload
6032012-02-15Previews Spotlight #052: 2012-02John Mayo, BobDownload
6022012-02-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #234: 2012-02-01John Mayo, BobDownload
6012012-02-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #233: 2012-01-25John Mayo, BobDownload
6002012-02-01Comic Book Page Podcast Episode #600John Mayo, BobDownload
5992012-01-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #232: 2012-01-18John Mayo, BobDownload
5982012-01-27Mayo Report: 2011 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5972012-01-25Mayo Report: 2011 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5962012-01-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #231: 2012-01-11John Mayo, BobDownload
5952012-01-20Mayo Report: 2011-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5942012-01-18Mayo Report: 2011-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5932012-01-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #230: 2012-01-04John Mayo, BobDownload
5922012-01-13Publisher Spotlight #010: Cosmic TimesBobDownload
5912012-01-11Previews Spotlight #051: 2012-01John Mayo, BobDownload
5902012-01-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #229: 2011-12-28John Mayo, BobDownload
5892012-01-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #228: 2011-12-21John Mayo, BobDownload
5882011-12-30Yearly Comics Spotlight #005: 2011John Mayo, BobDownload
5872011-12-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #227: 2011-12-14John Mayo, BobDownload
5862011-12-23Mayo Report: 2011-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5852011-12-21Mayo Report: 2011-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5842011-12-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #226: 2011-12-07John Mayo, BobDownload
5832011-12-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #050: 2011-12BobDownload
5822011-12-14Previews Spotlight #050: 2011-12John Mayo, BobDownload
5812011-12-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #225: 2011-11-30John Mayo, BobDownload
5802011-12-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #224: 2011-11-23John Mayo, BobDownload
5792011-11-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #223: 2011-11-16John Mayo, BobDownload
5782011-11-25Mayo Report: 2011-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5772011-11-23Mayo Report: 2011-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5762011-11-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #222: 2011-11-09John Mayo, BobDownload
5752011-11-18Previews Spotlight Interviews #049: 2011-11BobDownload
5742011-11-16Previews Spotlight #049: 2011-11John Mayo, BobDownload
5732011-11-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #221: 2011-11-02John Mayo, BobDownload
5722011-11-11Long Beach Comic Con 2011BobDownload
5712011-11-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #220: 2011-10-26John Mayo, BobDownload
5702011-10-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #219: 2011-10-19John Mayo, BobDownload
5692011-10-28Mayo Report: 2011-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5682011-10-26Mayo Report: 2011-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5672011-10-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #218: 2011-10-12John Mayo, BobDownload
5662011-10-21Previews Spotlight Interviews #048b: 2011-10BobDownload
5652011-10-19Previews Spotlight #048: 2011-10John Mayo, BobDownload
5642011-10-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #217: 2011-10-05John Mayo, BobDownload
5632011-10-14Publisher Spotlight #009: DC 2.0 Week 4John Mayo, BobDownload
5622011-10-12Previews Spotlight Interviews #048a: 2011-10BobDownload
5612011-10-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #216: 2011-09-28John Mayo, BobDownload
5602011-10-07Publisher Spotlight #008: DC 2.0 Week 3John Mayo, BobDownload
5592011-10-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #215: 2011-09-21John Mayo, BobDownload
5582011-09-30Publisher Spotlight #007: DC 2.0 Week 2John Mayo, BobDownload
5572011-09-28Mayo Report: 2011-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5562011-09-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #214: 2011-09-14John Mayo, BobDownload
5552011-09-23Publisher Spotlight #006: DC 2.0 Week 1John Mayo, BobDownload
5542011-09-21Mayo Report: 2011-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5532011-09-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #213: 2011-09-07John Mayo, BobDownload
5522011-09-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #047: 2011-09BobDownload
5512011-09-14Previews Spotlight #047: 2011-09John Mayo, BobDownload
5502011-09-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #212: 2011-08-31John Mayo, BobDownload
5492011-09-07Publisher Spotlight #005: Atlas/SeaboardBobDownload
5482011-09-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #211: 2011-08-24John Mayo, BobDownload
5472011-09-02Back Issue Spotlight #030: Question - Poisoned GroundBobDownload
5462011-08-31Mayo Report: 2011-07 ComicsBobDownload
5452011-08-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #210: 2011-08-17John Mayo, BobDownload
5442011-08-26Mayo Report: 2011-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5432011-08-24Previews Spotlight Interviews #046b: 2011-08BobDownload
5422011-08-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #209: 2011-08-10John Mayo, BobDownload
5412011-08-19Previews Spotlight Interviews #046a: 2011-08BobDownload
5402011-08-17Previews Spotlight #046: 2011-08John Mayo, BobDownload
5392011-08-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #208: 2011-08-03John Mayo, BobDownload
5382011-08-12Mayo Report: 2011-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5372011-08-10Mayo Report: 2011-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5362011-08-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #207: 2011-07-27John Mayo, BobDownload
5352011-08-05Comic-Con International 2011John Mayo, BobDownload
5342011-08-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #206: 2011-07-20John Mayo, BobDownload
5332011-07-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #205: 2011-07-13John Mayo, BobDownload
5322011-07-21Comic-Con International: San Diego 2011 Podcast PanelJohn MayoDownload
5312011-07-20Mayo Report: Comic-Con 2011 - DC ComicsJohn MayoDownload
5302011-07-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #204: 2011-07-06John Mayo, BobDownload
5292011-07-15Previews Spotlight Interviews #045: 2011-07BobDownload
5282011-07-13Previews Spotlight #045: 2011-07John Mayo, BobDownload
5272011-07-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #203: 2011-06-29John Mayo, BobDownload
5262011-07-06Previews Spotlight #045: 2011-07 DCJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5252011-07-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #202: 2011-06-22John Mayo, BobDownload
5242011-06-29Mayo Report: 2011-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5232011-06-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #201: 2011-06-15John Mayo, BobDownload
5222011-06-24Mayo Report: 2011-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5212011-06-22Phoenix 2011BobDownload
5202011-06-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #200: 2011-06-08John Mayo, BobDownload
5192011-06-17Back Issue Spotlight #029: Issue #200sJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5182011-06-15Previews Spotlight #044: 2011-06John Mayo, BobDownload
5172011-06-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #199: 2011-06-01John Mayo, BobDownload
5162011-06-10Previews Spotlight Interviews #044b: 2011-06BobDownload
5152011-06-08Previews Spotlight Interviews #044a: 2011-06BobDownload
5142011-06-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #198: 2011-05-25John Mayo, BobDownload
5132011-06-03Back Issue Spotlight #028: Guardians of the Galaxy - Earth Shall OvercomeBobDownload
5122011-06-01DC RelaunchJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5112011-05-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #197: 2011-05-18John Mayo, BobDownload
5102011-05-27Mayo Report: 2011-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
5092011-05-25Mayo Report: 2011-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
5082011-05-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #196: 2011-05-11John Mayo, BobDownload
5072011-05-20Free Comic Book Day Spotlight: 2011BobDownload
5062011-05-18LongBeach/Anaheim 2011BobDownload
5052011-05-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #195: 2011-05-04John Mayo, BobDownload
5042011-05-13Previews Spotlight Interviews #043: 2011-05BobDownload
5032011-05-11Previews Spotlight #043: 2011-05John Mayo, BobDownload
5022011-05-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #194: 2011-04-27John Mayo, BobDownload
5012011-05-06Back Issue Spotlight #027: Moon Knight RisingBobDownload
5002011-05-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #193: 2011-04-20John Mayo, BobDownload
4992011-04-29Back Issue Spotlight #026: Moon Knight BeginsBobDownload
4982011-04-27WonderCon 2011BobDownload
4972011-04-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #192: 2011-04-13John Mayo, BobDownload
4962011-04-22Mayo Report: 2011-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4952011-04-20Mayo Report: 2011-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4942011-04-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #191: 2011-04-06John Mayo, BobDownload
4932011-04-15Previews Spotlight Interviews #042: 2011-04BobDownload
4922011-04-13Previews Spotlight #042: 2011-04John Mayo, BobDownload
4912011-04-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #190: 2011-03-30John Mayo, BobDownload
4902011-04-08Back Issue Spotlight #025: Avengers/Defenders WarBobDownload
4892011-04-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #189: 2011-03-23John Mayo, BobDownload
4882011-04-01Back Issue Spotlight #024: 20th Century Boys v1-2BobDownload
4872011-03-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #188: 2011-03-16John Mayo, BobDownload
4862011-03-25Mayo Report: 2011-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4852011-03-23Mayo Report: 2011-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4842011-03-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #187: 2011-03-09John Mayo, BobDownload
4832011-03-18Previews Spotlight Interviews #041: 2011-03BobDownload
4822011-03-16Previews Spotlight #041: 2011-03John Mayo, BobDownload
4812011-03-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #186: 2011-03-02John Mayo, BobDownload
4802011-03-11Back Issue Spotlight #023: Red Star: The Battle of Kar Dathra’s GateBobDownload
4792011-03-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #185: 2011-02-23John Mayo, BobDownload
4782011-03-04Back Issue Spotlight #022: Marvel Team-Up #80-85John MayoDownload
4772011-02-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #184: 2011-02-16John Mayo, BobDownload
4762011-02-25Mayo Report: 2011-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4752011-02-23Mayo Report: 2011-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4742011-02-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #183: 2011-02-09John Mayo, BobDownload
4732011-02-18Previews Spotlight Interviews #040: 2011-02BobDownload
4722011-02-16Previews Spotlight #040: 2011-02John Mayo, BobDownload
4712011-02-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #182: 2011-02-02John Mayo, BobDownload
4702011-02-11Back Issue Spotlight #021: Paul Levitz Legion of Super-Heroes Year 1 Featuring the Great Darkness SagaJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4692011-02-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #181: 2011-01-26John Mayo, BobDownload
4682011-02-04Back Issue Spotlight #020: The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuckJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4672011-01-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #180: 2011-01-19John Mayo, BobDownload
4662011-01-28Mayo Report: 2010 Year in Review - ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4652011-01-26Mayo Report: 2010 Year in Review - TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4642011-01-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #179: 2011-01-12John Mayo, BobDownload
4632011-01-21Mayo Report: 2010-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4622011-01-19Mayo Report: 2010-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4612011-01-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #178: 2011-01-05John Mayo, BobDownload
4602011-01-14Previews Spotlight Interviews #039: 2011-01BobDownload
4592011-01-12Previews Spotlight #039: 2011-01John Mayo, BobDownload
4582011-01-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #177: 2010-12-29John Mayo, BobDownload
4572011-01-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #176: 2010-12-22John Mayo, BobDownload
4562010-12-31Yearly Comics Spotlight #004: 2010John Mayo, BobDownload
4552010-12-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #175: 2010-12-15John Mayo, BobDownload
4542010-12-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #174: 2010-12-08John Mayo, BobDownload
4532010-12-17Mayo Report: 2010-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4522010-12-15Mayo Report: 2010-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4512010-12-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #173: 2010-12-02John Mayo, BobDownload
4502010-12-10Previews Spotlight Interviews #038: 2010-12BobDownload
4492010-12-08Previews Spotlight #038: 2010-12John Mayo, BobDownload
4482010-12-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #172: 2010-11-24John Mayo, BobDownload
4472010-11-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #171: 2010-11-17John Mayo, BobDownload
4462010-11-26Mayo Report: 2010-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4452010-11-24Mayo Report: 2010-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4442010-11-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #170: 2010-11-10John Mayo, BobDownload
4432010-11-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #169: 2010-11-03John Mayo, BobDownload
4422010-11-12Previews Spotlight Interviews #037: 2010-11BobDownload
4412010-11-10Previews Spotlight #037: 2010-11John Mayo, BobDownload
4402010-11-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #168: 2010-10-27John Mayo, BobDownload
4392010-11-05Mayo Report: 2010-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4382010-11-03Mayo Report: 2010-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4372010-11-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #167: 2010-10-20John Mayo, BobDownload
4362010-10-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #166: 2010-10-13John Mayo, BobDownload
4352010-10-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #165: 2010-10-06John Mayo, BobDownload
4342010-10-13Previews Spotlight #036: 2010-10John Mayo, BobDownload
4332010-10-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #164: 2010-09-29John Mayo, BobDownload
4322010-10-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #163: 2010-09-22John Mayo, BobDownload
4312010-09-29Publisher Spotlight #004: Creative Impulse EntertainmentBobDownload
4302010-09-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #162: 2010-09-15John Mayo, BobDownload
4292010-09-24Mayo Report: 2010-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4282010-09-22Mayo Report: 2010-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4272010-09-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #161: 2010-09-09John Mayo, BobDownload
4262010-09-17Previews Spotlight Interviews #035: 2010-09BobDownload
4252010-09-15Previews Spotlight #035: 2010-09John MayoDownload
4242010-09-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #160: 2010-09-01John Mayo, BobDownload
4232010-09-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #159: 2010-08-25John Mayo, BobDownload
4222010-09-03Mayo Report: 2010-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4212010-09-01Mayo Report: 2010-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4202010-08-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #158: 2010-08-18John Mayo, BobDownload
4192010-08-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #157: 2010-08-11John Mayo, BobDownload
4182010-08-18Publisher Spotlight #003: Radical StudiosBobDownload
4172010-08-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #156: 2010-08-04John Mayo, BobDownload
4162010-08-13Previews Spotlight Interviews #034: 2010-08BobDownload
4152010-08-11Previews Spotlight #034: 2010-08John Mayo, BobDownload
4142010-08-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #155: 2010-07-28John Mayo, BobDownload
4132010-08-06Mayo Report: 2010-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
4122010-08-04Mayo Report: 2010-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
4112010-08-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #154: 2010-07-21John Mayo, BobDownload
4102010-07-30Comic-Con 2010: Radical Publishing PanelBobDownload
4092010-07-28Boom Studios/Stan LeeBobDownload
4082010-07-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #153: 2010-07-14John Mayo, BobDownload
4072010-07-23Comic-Con 2010 Podcast PanelBobDownload
4062010-07-21Previews Spotlight Interviews #033b: 2010-07BobDownload
4052010-07-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #152: 2010-07-08John Mayo, BobDownload
4042010-07-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #033: 2010-07BobDownload
4032010-07-14Previews Spotlight #033: 2010-07John Mayo, BobDownload
4022010-07-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #151: 2010-06-30John Mayo, BobDownload
4012010-07-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #150: 2010-06-23John Mayo, BobDownload
4002010-07-02Mayo Report: 2010-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3992010-06-30Mayo Report: 2010-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3982010-06-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #149: 2010-06-16John Mayo, BobDownload
3972010-06-25Back Issue Spotlight #019: Captain America by Jim SterankoBobDownload
3962010-06-23PhoenixCon 2010BobDownload
3952010-06-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #148: 2010-06-09John Mayo, BobDownload
3942010-06-18Previews Spotlight Interviews #032: 2010-06BobDownload
3932010-06-16Previews Spotlight #032: 2010-06John Mayo, BobDownload
3922010-06-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #147: 2010-06-02John Mayo, BobDownload
3912010-06-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #146: 2010-05-26John Mayo, BobDownload
3902010-05-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #145: 2010-05-19John Mayo, BobDownload
3892010-05-28Mayo Report: 2010-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3882010-05-26Mayo Report: 2010-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3872010-05-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #144: 2010-05-12John Mayo, BobDownload
3862010-05-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #143: 2010-05-05John Mayo, BobDownload
3852010-05-14Previews Spotlight Interviews #031: 2010-05John Mayo, BobDownload
3842010-05-12Previews Spotlight #031: 2010-05John Mayo, BobDownload
3832010-05-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #142: 2010-04-28John Mayo, BobDownload
3822010-05-05Free Comic Book Day Spotlight: 2010BobDownload
3812010-05-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #141: 2010-04-21John Mayo, BobDownload
3802010-04-30Mayo Report: 2010-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3792010-04-28Mayo Report: 2010-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3782010-04-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #140: 2010-04-14John Mayo, BobDownload
3772010-04-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #139: 2010-04-07John Mayo, BobDownload
3762010-04-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #030 2010-04John Mayo, BobDownload
3752010-04-14Previews Spotlight #030: 2010-04John Mayo, BobDownload
3742010-04-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #138: 2010-03-31John Mayo, BobDownload
3732010-04-09Publisher Spotlight #002: Visionary ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3722010-04-07Super Fan Spotlight #006: Tom BelandBobDownload
3712010-04-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #137: 2010-03-24John Mayo, BobDownload
3702010-04-02Mayo Report: 2010-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3692010-03-31Mayo Report: 2010-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3682010-03-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #136: 2010-03-17John Mayo, BobDownload
3672010-03-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #135: 2010-03-10John Mayo, BobDownload
3662010-03-19Mayo Report: 2010-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3652010-03-17Mayo Report: 2010-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3642010-03-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #134: 2010-03-03John Mayo, BobDownload
3632010-03-12Previews Spotlight Interviews #029: 2010-03John Mayo, BobDownload
3622010-03-10Previews Spotlight #029: 2010-03John Mayo, BobDownload
3612010-03-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #133: 2010-02-24John Mayo, BobDownload
3602010-03-03Long Beach ExpoBobDownload
3592010-03-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #132: 2010-02-17John Mayo, BobDownload
3582010-02-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #131: 2010-02-10John Mayo, BobDownload
3572010-02-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #130: 2010-02-03John Mayo, BobDownload
3562010-02-10Previews Spotlight #028: 2010-02John Mayo, BobDownload
3552010-02-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #129: 2010-01-27John Mayo, BobDownload
3542010-02-03Mayo Report: 2009 Year in ReviewJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, BobDownload
3532010-02-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #128: 2010-01-20John Mayo, BobDownload
3522010-01-27Mayo Report: 2009-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3512010-01-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #127: 2010-01-13John Mayo, BobDownload
3502010-01-22Mayo Report: 2009-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3492010-01-20Previews Spotlight #027: 2010-01John Mayo, BobDownload
3482010-01-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #126: 2010-01-06John Mayo, BobDownload
3472010-01-15Decade in Review #001: 200XJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3462010-01-13Mayo Report: 2009-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3452010-01-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #125: 2009-12-30John Mayo, BobDownload
3442010-01-08Yearly Comics Spotlight #003: 2009John Mayo, BobDownload
3432010-01-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #124: 2009-12-23John Mayo, BobDownload
3422010-01-04Mayo Report: 2009-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3412009-12-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #123: 2009-12-16John Mayo, BobDownload
3402009-12-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #122: 2009-12-09John Mayo, BobDownload
3392009-12-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #121: 2009-12-03John Mayo, BobDownload
3382009-12-11Mayo Report: 2009-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3372009-12-09Previews Spotlight #026: 2009-12John Mayo, BobDownload
3362009-12-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #120: 2009-11-25John Mayo, BobDownload
3352009-12-02Mayo Report: 2009-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3342009-11-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #119: 2009-11-18John Mayo, BobDownload
3332009-11-25Mayo Report: 2009-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3322009-11-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #118: 2009-11-11John Mayo, BobDownload
3312009-11-18Mayo Report: 2009-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3302009-11-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #117: 2009-11-04John Mayo, BobDownload
3292009-11-13Previews Spotlight Interviews #025: 2009-11BobDownload
3282009-11-11Previews Spotlight #025: 2009-11John Mayo, BobDownload
3272009-11-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #116: 2009-10-28John Mayo, BobDownload
3262009-11-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #115: 2009-10-21John Mayo, BobDownload
3252009-10-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #114: 2009-10-14John Mayo, BobDownload
3242009-10-23Super Fan Spotlight #005: Bill WilliamsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3232009-10-21Mayo Report: 2009-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3222009-10-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #113: 2009-10-07John Mayo, BobDownload
3212009-10-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #024: 2009-10BobDownload
3202009-10-14Previews Spotlight #024: 2009-10John Mayo, BobDownload
3192009-10-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #112: 2009-09-30John Mayo, BobDownload
3182009-10-09Long Beach Comic ConJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3172009-10-07Mayo Report: 2009-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3162009-10-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #111: 2009-09-23John Mayo, BobDownload
3152009-09-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #110: 2009-09-16John Mayo, BobDownload
3142009-09-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #109: 2009-09-10John Mayo, BobDownload
3132009-09-18Guest Episode: Final Crisis: Submit #1 and Final Crisis #4Chris Johnson, Juan CastroDownload
3122009-09-16Previews Spotlight #023: 2009-09John Mayo, BobDownload
3112009-09-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #108: 2009-09-02John Mayo, BobDownload
3102009-09-11Mayo Report: 2009-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
3092009-09-09Mayo Report: 2009-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3082009-09-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #107: 2009-08-26John Mayo, BobDownload
3072009-08-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #106: 2009-08-19John Mayo, BobDownload
3062009-08-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #105: 2009-08-12John Mayo, BobDownload
3052009-08-19Publisher Spotlight #001: Radical PublishingJohn Mayo, BobDownload
3042009-08-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #104: 2009-08-05John Mayo, BobDownload
3032009-08-14Previews Spotlight Interviews #022: 2009-08John Mayo, BobDownload
3022009-08-12Previews Spotlight #022: 2009-08John Mayo, BobDownload
3012009-08-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #103: 2009-07-29John Mayo, BobDownload
3002009-08-07Mayo Report: 2009-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2992009-08-05Mayo Report: 2009-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2982009-08-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #102: 2009-07-22John Mayo, BobDownload
2972009-07-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #101: 2009-07-15John Mayo, BobDownload
2962009-07-24Comic-Con International: San Diego 2009 Podcast PanelJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2952009-07-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #100: 2009-07-08John Mayo, BobDownload
2942009-07-15Previews Spotlight #021: 2009-07John Mayo, BobDownload
2932009-07-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #099: 2009-07-01John Mayo, BobDownload
2922009-07-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #098: 2009-06-24John Mayo, BobDownload
2912009-06-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #097: 2009-06-17John Mayo, BobDownload
2902009-06-24Mayo Report: 2009-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2892009-06-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #096: 2009-06-10John Mayo, BobDownload
2882009-06-19Mayo Report: 2009-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2872009-06-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #095: 2009-06-03John Mayo, BobDownload
2862009-06-12Previews Spotlight Interviews #020: 2009-06John Mayo, BobDownload
2852009-06-10Previews Spotlight #020: 2009-06John Mayo, BobDownload
2842009-06-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #094: 2009-05-27John Mayo, BobDownload
2832009-06-03Mayo Report: 2009-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2822009-06-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #093: 2009-05-20John Mayo, BobDownload
2812009-05-29Primer on ComicsJohn MayoDownload
2802009-05-27Mayo Report: 2009-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2792009-05-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #092: 2009-05-13John Mayo, BobDownload
2782009-05-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #091: 2009-05-06John Mayo, BobDownload
2772009-05-13Previews Spotlight #019: 2009-05John Mayo, BobDownload
2762009-05-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #090: 2009-04-29John Mayo, BobDownload
2752009-05-08Mayo Report: 2009-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2742009-05-06Mayo Report: 2009-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2732009-05-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #089: 2009-04-22John Mayo, BobDownload
2722009-04-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #088: 2009-04-15John Mayo, BobDownload
2712009-04-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #087: 2009-04-08John Mayo, BobDownload
2702009-04-17Previews Spotlight Interviews #018: 2009-04John Mayo, BobDownload
2692009-04-15Previews Spotlight #018: 2009-04John Mayo, BobDownload
2682009-04-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #086: 2009-04-01John Mayo, BobDownload
2672009-04-10Guest Episode: Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1 and #2Chris Johnson, Juan CastroDownload
2662009-04-08Mayo Report: 2009-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2652009-04-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #085: 2009-03-25John Mayo, BobDownload
2642009-04-03Mayo Report: 2009-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2632009-03-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #084: 2009-03-18John Mayo, BobDownload
2622009-03-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #083: 2009-03-11John Mayo, BobDownload
2612009-03-20Previews Spotlight Interviews #017: 2009-03John Mayo, BobDownload
2602009-03-18Previews Spotlight #017: 2009-03John Mayo, BobDownload
2592009-03-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #082: 2009-03-04John Mayo, BobDownload
2582009-03-13Guest Episode: Final Crisis #3Chris Johnson, Juan CastroDownload
2572009-03-11Mayo Report: 2009-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2562009-03-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #081: 2009-02-25John Mayo, BobDownload
2552009-03-06Guest Episode: Final Crisis #2Chris Johnson, Juan CastroDownload
2542009-03-04Mayo Report: 2009-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2532009-03-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #080: 2009-02-18John Mayo, BobDownload
2522009-02-27Mayo Report: 2008 Year in ReviewJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, BobDownload
2512009-02-25Guest Episode: Final Crisis #1Chris Johnson, Juan CastroDownload
2502009-02-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #079: 2009-02-11John Mayo, BobDownload
2492009-02-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #078: 2009-02-04John Mayo, BobDownload
2482009-02-13Previews Spotlight Interviews #016: 2009-02John Mayo, BobDownload
2472009-02-11Previews Spotlight #016: 2009-02John Mayo, BobDownload
2462009-02-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #077: 2009-01-28John Mayo, BobDownload
2452009-02-06Mayo Report: 2008-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2442009-02-04Mayo Report: 2008-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2432009-02-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #076: 2009-01-21John Mayo, BobDownload
2422009-01-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #075: 2009-01-14John Mayo, BobDownload
2412009-01-22Super Fan Spotlight #004: John Jackson MillerJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2402009-01-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #074: 2009-01-07John Mayo, BobDownload
2392009-01-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #015: 2009-01John Mayo, BobDownload
2382009-01-14Previews Spotlight #015: 2009-01John Mayo, BobDownload
2372009-01-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #073: 2009-01-02John Mayo, BobDownload
2362009-01-07Yearly Comics Spotlight #002: 2008John Mayo, BobDownload
2352009-01-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #072: 2008-12-24John Mayo, BobDownload
2342009-01-02Mayo Report: 2008-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2332008-12-31Mayo Report: 2008-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2322008-12-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #071: 2008-12-17John Mayo, BobDownload
2312008-12-24Back Issue Spotlight #018: Christmas Comics 2008John Mayo, BobDownload
2302008-12-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #070: 2008-12-10John Mayo, BobDownload
2292008-12-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #069: 2008-12-04John Mayo, BobDownload
2282008-12-12Previews Spotlight Interviews #014: 2008-12John Mayo, BobDownload
2272008-12-10Previews Spotlight #014: 2008-12John Mayo, BobDownload
2262008-12-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #068: 2008-11-26John Mayo, BobDownload
2252008-12-05Back Issue Spotlight #017: Future ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2242008-12-03Mayo Report: 2008-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2232008-12-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #067: 2008-11-19John Mayo, BobDownload
2222008-11-25Mayo Report: 2008-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2212008-11-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #066: 2008-11-12John Mayo, BobDownload
2202008-11-21Pop Cult Online #33John MayoDownload
2192008-11-19Pop Cult Online #21BobDownload
2182008-11-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #065: 2008-11-05John Mayo, BobDownload
2172008-11-14Previews Spotlight Interviews #013: 2008-11John Mayo, BobDownload
2162008-11-12Previews Spotlight #013: 2008-11John Mayo, BobDownload
2152008-11-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #064: 2008-10-29John Mayo, BobDownload
2142008-11-07Back Issue Spotlight #016: Justice Society V1John Mayo, BobDownload
2132008-11-05Mayo Report: 2008-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
2122008-11-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #063: 2008-10-22John Mayo, BobDownload
2112008-10-31Back Issue Spotlight #015: ConcreteJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2102008-10-29Mayo Report: 2008-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2092008-10-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #062: 2008-10-15John Mayo, BobDownload
2082008-10-24Collecting: Now vs ThenBobDownload
2072008-10-22Back Issue Spotlight #014: Astro City: Life in the Big CityJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2062008-10-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #061: 2008-10-08John Mayo, BobDownload
2052008-10-17Kryptographik #27BobDownload
2042008-10-15Back Issue Spotlight #013: Green Arrow: The Longbow HuntersJohn Mayo, BobDownload
2032008-10-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #060: 2008-10-01John Mayo, BobDownload
2022008-10-10Previews Spotlight Interviews #012: 2008-10John Mayo, BobDownload
2012008-10-08Previews Spotlight #012: 2008-10John Mayo, BobDownload
2002008-10-06Weekly Comics Spotlight #059: 2008-09-24John Mayo, BobDownload
1992008-10-03Mayo Report: 2008-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1982008-10-01Mayo Report: 2008-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1972008-09-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #058: 2008-09-17John Mayo, BobDownload
1962008-09-26Back Issue Spotlight #012: Chronicles of Conan V8John Mayo, BobDownload
1952008-09-24Top Ten ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1942008-09-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #057: 2008-09-10John Mayo, BobDownload
1932008-09-19Previews Spotlight Interviews #011: 2008-09John Mayo, BobDownload
1922008-09-17Previews Spotlight #011: 2008-09John Mayo, BobDownload
1912008-09-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #056: 2008-09-04John Mayo, BobDownload
1902008-09-12Previews Spotlight Interviews #011: 2008-09 - Mark OakleyJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1892008-09-10Back Issue Spotlight #011: Superman and the Legion of Super-HeroesJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1882008-09-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #055: 2008-08-27John Mayo, BobDownload
1872008-09-05Event Fatigue?John Mayo, BobDownload
1862008-09-03Mayo Report: 2008-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1852008-09-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #054: 2008-08-20John Mayo, BobDownload
1842008-08-29Toys and CollectiblesJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1832008-08-27Mayo Report: 2008-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1822008-08-25Weekly Comics Spotlight #053: 2008-08-13John Mayo, BobDownload
1812008-08-22Back Issue Spotlight #010: Iron Man: DoomquestJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1802008-08-20Mayo Report: 2008-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1792008-08-18Weekly Comics Spotlight #052: 2008-08-06John Mayo, BobDownload
1782008-08-15Previews Spotlight Interviews #010: 2008-08John Mayo, BobDownload
1772008-08-13Previews Spotlight #010: 2008-08John Mayo, BobDownload
1762008-08-11Weekly Comics Spotlight #051: 2008-07-30John Mayo, BobDownload
1752008-08-08Mayo Report: 2008-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1742008-08-06Comic-Con International: San Diego 2008John Mayo, BobDownload
1732008-08-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #050: 2008-07-23John Mayo, BobDownload
1722008-08-01Amazing Spider-Cast #75BobDownload
1712008-07-30Comic-Con International: San Diego 2008 Podcast PanelJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1702008-07-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #049: 2008-07-16John Mayo, BobDownload
1692008-07-25Kryptographik #24BobDownload
1682008-07-23Kryptographik #23BobDownload
1672008-07-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #048: 2008-07-10John Mayo, BobDownload
1662008-07-18Amazing Spider-Cast #71BobDownload
1652008-07-16Surviving Comic-Con International: San DiegoJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1642008-07-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #047: 2008-07-02John Mayo, BobDownload
1632008-07-11Previews Spotlight Interviews #009: 2008-07John Mayo, BobDownload
1622008-07-09Previews Spotlight #009: 2008-07John Mayo, BobDownload
1612008-07-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #046: 2008-06-25John Mayo, BobDownload
1602008-07-02Iron Man MovieJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1592008-06-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #045: 2008-06-18John Mayo, BobDownload
1582008-06-27Mayo Report: 2008-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1572008-06-25Mayo Report: 2008-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1562008-06-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #044: 2008-06-11John Mayo, BobDownload
1552008-06-20Eisners 2008John Mayo, Chris Marshall, BobDownload
1542008-06-18Retailer Spotlight #001: The Comic StopJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1532008-06-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #043: 2008-06-04John Mayo, BobDownload
1522008-06-13Back Issue Spotlight #009: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.John Mayo, BobDownload
1512008-06-11Previews Spotlight #008: 2008-06John Mayo, BobDownload
1502008-06-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #042: 2008-05-28John Mayo, BobDownload
1492008-06-06Mayo Report: 2008-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1482008-06-04Previews Spotlight Interviews #008: 2008-06John Mayo, BobDownload
1472008-06-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #041: 2008-05-21John Mayo, BobDownload
1462008-05-30Mayo Report: 2008-04 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1452008-05-28Mayo Report: Spider-ManJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1442008-05-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #040: 2008-05-14John Mayo, BobDownload
1432008-05-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #039: 2008-05-07John Mayo, BobDownload
1422008-05-16Previews Spotlight Interviews #007: 2008-05John Mayo, BobDownload
1412008-05-14Previews Spotlight #007: 2008-05John Mayo, BobDownload
1402008-05-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #038: 2008-04-30John Mayo, BobDownload
1392008-05-09Mayo Report: 2008-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1382008-05-07Mayo Report: 2008-03 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1372008-05-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #037: 2008-04-23John Mayo, BobDownload
1362008-04-28Weekly Comics Spotlight #036: 2008-04-16John Mayo, BobDownload
1352008-04-24Back Issue Spotlight #008: HighwaymenJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1342008-04-21Weekly Comics Spotlight #035: 2008-04-09John Mayo, BobDownload
1332008-04-16Mayo Report: 2008-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1322008-04-14Weekly Comics Spotlight #034: 2008-04-02John Mayo, BobDownload
1312008-04-11Mayo Report: 2008-02 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1302008-04-09Previews Spotlight #006: 2008-04John Mayo, BobDownload
1292008-04-07Weekly Comics Spotlight #033: 2008-03-26John Mayo, BobDownload
1282008-04-01Weekly Comics Spotlight #032: 2008-03-19John Mayo, BobDownload
1272008-03-28Online OrderingJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1262008-03-26Green Arrow/Black Canary WeddingJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1252008-03-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #031: 2008-03-12John Mayo, BobDownload
1242008-03-21Comic Book UniversesJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1232008-03-19Modern Golden AgeJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, BobDownload
1222008-03-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #030: 2008-03-05John Mayo, BobDownload
1212008-03-14Mayo Report: 2008-01 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1202008-03-12Mayo Report: 2008-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1192008-03-11Previews Spotlight #005: 2008-03John Mayo, BobDownload
1182008-03-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #029: 2008-02-27John Mayo, BobDownload
1172008-03-02Weekly Comics Spotlight #028: 2008-02-20John Mayo, BobDownload
1162008-02-24Weekly Comics Spotlight #027: 2008-02-13John Mayo, BobDownload
1152008-02-22Mayo Report: 2007 Year in ReviewJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, BobDownload
1142008-02-17Weekly Comics Spotlight #026: 2008-02-06John Mayo, BobDownload
1132008-02-15Mayo Report: 2007-12 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1122008-02-13Previews Spotlight #004: 2008-02John Mayo, BobDownload
1112008-02-10Weekly Comics Spotlight #025: 2008-01-30John Mayo, BobDownload
1102008-02-06Mayo Report: 2007-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
1092008-02-05Super Fan Spotlight #003: Mark WaidBobDownload
1082008-02-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #024: 2008-01-23John Mayo, BobDownload
1072008-01-30Super Fan Spotlight #002: Mario MuscarJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1062008-01-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #023: 2008-01-16John Mayo, BobDownload
1052008-01-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #022: 2008-01-09John Mayo, BobDownload
1042008-01-17Back Issue Spotlight #007: Saga of the Super SonsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
1032008-01-14Previews Spotlight #003: 2008-01John Mayo, BobDownload
1022008-01-13Weekly Comics Spotlight #021: 2008-01-04John Mayo, BobDownload
1012008-01-13Sponsorship AnnouncementJohn MayoDownload
1002008-01-09Mayo Report: 2007-11 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
992008-01-07Mayo Report: 2007-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
982008-01-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #020: 2007-12-28John Mayo, BobDownload
972008-01-01Yearly Comics Spotlight #001: 2007John Mayo, BobDownload
962007-12-31Weekly Comics Spotlight #019: 2007-12-19John Mayo, BobDownload
952007-12-24Back Issue Spotlight #006: Christmas ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
942007-12-23Weekly Comics Spotlight #018: 2007-12-12John Mayo, BobDownload
932007-12-19Back Issue Spotlight #005: Solar: Alpha and OmegaJohn Mayo, BobDownload
922007-12-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #017: 2007-12-05John Mayo, BobDownload
912007-12-14Mayo Report: 2007-10 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
902007-12-12Mayo Report: 2007-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
892007-12-10Previews Spotlight #002: 2007-12John Mayo, BobDownload
882007-12-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #016: 2007-11-29John Mayo, BobDownload
872007-12-04Weekly Comics Spotlight #015: 2007-11-21John Mayo, BobDownload
862007-11-26Weekly Comics Spotlight #014: 2007-11-14John Mayo, BobDownload
852007-11-19Weekly Comics Spotlight #013: 2007-11-07John Mayo, BobDownload
842007-11-18Back Issue Spotlight #004: Batman: The Engelhart EraJohn Mayo, BobDownload
832007-11-15Previews Spotlight #001: 2007-11John Mayo, BobDownload
822007-11-12Weekly Comics Spotlight #012: 2007-10-31John Mayo, BobDownload
812007-11-06Mayo Report: 2007-09 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
802007-11-05Weekly Comics Spotlight #011: 2007-10-24John Mayo, BobDownload
792007-11-01Back Issue Spotlight #003: The Death of Captain StacyJohn Mayo, BobDownload
782007-10-31Mayo Report: 2007-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
772007-10-30Back Issue Spotlight #002: Hard Traveling HeroesJohn Mayo, BobDownload
762007-10-29Weekly Comics Spotlight #010: 2007-10-17John Mayo, BobDownload
752007-10-22Weekly Comics Spotlight #009: 2007-10-10John Mayo, BobDownload
742007-10-21Mayo Report: 2007-08 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
732007-10-20Mayo Report: 2007-07 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
722007-10-19Mayo Report: 2007-06 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
712007-10-18Mayo Report: 2007-05 ComicsJohn Mayo, BobDownload
702007-10-15Weekly Comics Spotlight #008: 2007-10-03John Mayo, BobDownload
692007-10-13Back Issue Spotlight #001: The Kree-Skrull WarJohn Mayo, BobDownload
682007-10-10Mayo Report: 2007-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
672007-10-08Weekly Comics Spotlight #007: 2007-09-26John Mayo, BobDownload
662007-10-04Super Fan Spotlight #001: Jarrett Crippen (aka The Defuser)John Mayo, BobDownload
652007-09-30Weekly Comics Spotlight #006: 2007-09-19John Mayo, BobDownload
642007-09-20Weekly Comics Spotlight #005: 2007-09-12John Mayo, BobDownload
632007-09-19Mayo Report: 2007-07 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
622007-09-18Mayo Report: Behind the NumbersJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
612007-09-16Weekly Comics Spotlight #004: 2007-09-05John Mayo, BobDownload
602007-09-09Weekly Comics Spotlight #003: 2007-08-29John Mayo, BobDownload
592007-09-03Weekly Comics Spotlight #002: 2007-08-22John Mayo, BobDownload
582007-08-27Weekly Comics Spotlight #001: 2007-08-15John Mayo, BobDownload
572007-08-17Mayo Report: 2007-06 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
562007-08-13Comic-Con International: San Diego 2007John Mayo, BobDownload
552007-07-26Comic-Con International: San Diego 2007 Podcast PanelJohn MayoDownload
542007-06-29Mayo Report: 2007-05 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
532007-06-16Mayo Report: 2007-04 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
522007-06-1152 - Part 2John MayoDownload
512007-06-06Mayo Report: 2007-04 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
502007-06-052007-06 Previews Conference CallJohn MayoDownload
492007-05-21Religion in ComicsJohn MayoDownload
482007-05-13Mayo Report: 2007-03 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
472007-05-09Mayo Report: 2007-03 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
462007-04-11Mayo Report: 2007-02 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
452007-04-032007-04 Previews Conference CallJohn MayoDownload
442007-04-03What Did John Get This Week - 2007-02-07 to 2007-03-28John MayoDownload
432007-03-30Mayo Report: 2007-02 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
422007-03-24Spider-Man Sales EstimatesJohn MayoDownload
412007-03-14Mayo Report: 2007-01 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
402007-03-13Mayo Report: 2006 Year In ReviewJohn Mayo, Chris Marshall, BobDownload
392007-03-08Mayo Report: 2007-01 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
382007-02-21Wizard MagazineJohn MayoDownload
362007-02-14Mayo Report: 2006-12 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
372007-02-14Mayo Report: 2006-12 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
352007-02-13What Did John Get This Week? 2007-02-07John MayoDownload
342007-02-11Top Comics 2006 RetConJohn MayoDownload
332007-02-07Hollywood WritersJohn MayoDownload
322007-02-06What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-31John MayoDownload
312007-02-03SpoilersJohn MayoDownload
302007-01-30What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-24John MayoDownload
292007-01-2752: Supernova RevealedJohn MayoDownload
282007-01-22What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-17John MayoDownload
272007-01-18What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-10John MayoDownload
262007-01-17What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-03John MayoDownload
252007-01-17Episode #0John MayoDownload
242007-01-12Mayo Report: 2006-11 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
232007-01-08Mayo Report: 2006-11 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
222007-01-04Manhunter ChallengeJohn MayoDownload
212006-12-23Marvel Year in Review 2006John MayoDownload
202006-12-20Mayo Report: 2006-10 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
192006-12-11Parallel UniversesJohn MayoDownload
182006-12-07Mayo Report: 2006-10 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
172006-11-24Longbox SpecialJohn MayoDownload
162006-11-10Mayo Report: 2006-09 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
152006-11-09Mayo Report: 2006-09 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
142006-10-2052 #1-22John MayoDownload
132006-10-13Mayo Report: 2006-08 TradesJohn Mayo, Chris MarshallDownload
122006-10-12Direct Market StatusJohn MayoDownload
112006-10-11Mayo Report: 2006-08 ComicsJohn MayoDownload
102006-09-07Mayo Report: 2006-07 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload
92006-08-23Civil War #4 DelayJohn MayoDownload
82006-08-17Civil War Delay Special ReportJohn MayoDownload
72006-08-02Mayo Report: 2006-06 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload
62006-07-11Mayo Report: 2006-05 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload
52006-06-19Mayo Report: 2006-04 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload
42006-06-12Genre TelevisionJohn MayoDownload
32006-04-28Mayo Report: 2006-02 and 2006-03 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload
22006-03-06Mayo Report: 2006-01 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload
12006-01-16Mayo Report: 2005-12 Comics and TradesJohn MayoDownload

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