Comic Book Page

These are photos of some of my various reference books. I'm a data junkie at heart and have accumulated a decent library of reference books. As is obvious by these pictures, I need to organize my books better... Click on the photos to see a much larger version. (And by larger I mean 10 megapixel resolution...)

These are a lot of my art reference books. Any artistic ability I might have had was surgically removed long ago. But I keep getting these kinds of books because I find them endlessly facinating. A lot of them are on how to draw manga but the basic theories and concepts apply to any and all art styles.


The top shelf here has a lof of my comic book specific reference books on things like writing, drawing and publishing comics.

The lower shelf is more general kinds of reference books. I really like a lot of the DK books as they get to the core of a subject quickly ans with lots of pictures. (Just ignore the magazine box tops in the foreground. I was too lay to move them for the photo.)


The top shelf here has my various reference books on television shows like Stargate, Smallvile and Star Trek. The big group of books in the middle are on the Super Sentai shows from Japan that the Power Rangers are based on. (I still need the season guide for Ohranger. If you know where I can get a copy, please email me.)

The lower shelf contains more comic book reference books. These are mainly reference books about various characters and teams. I'm a huge junkie for these kinds of books.


These are some of the various comic book price guides that I've got. Note that there are two rows of stacks because I have way too many of these. I use them more for reference on what exists and what the "official" titles are and rarely for how much a given comic it worth.


These are various book on writing and general reference. A lot of these go back to when I was in college and much more serious about my writing. Of course, I think a lot of that had to do with having a bit more time on my hands back then...


And, here are some more general reference books anda lot more books on writing are hidden back in there.


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