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(Last updated: 2015-02-28)

As should be obvious from this website, I'm a huge comic book fan. One of the offshoots of that interest is Power Rangers. While I'll admit that the quality varies from season to season, it is the longest lasting live action super-hero show on America television. The Power Rangers continuity will stretched across 700 half hour episodes and one feature film by the end of Power Rangers: RPM. (The first movie takes place in a different narrative continuity from the television series while Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie bridges the gap between the Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo seasons.) Over the 17 years the series has changed considerably. The color coded costumes and giant robots are the constants but there is a world of difference between Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Power Rangers: RPM.

Being a collector by nature, around the time of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, I started collecting the "objects of power" from the series. I've tried to limit myself to just the morphers, battlizers and a few of the other toys and only ones seen in the show. As a result, I'm not interested in the "Galaxy Morpher" which was never used in the show. (It was just a repaint of the Turbo Morpher anyway.)

I started this during the DinoThunder season and picked up the items from the earlier season on eBay. I was able to get most of the items within about two years. The items from Power Rangers in Space were the hardest to find on eBay.

Power Rangers Dino Charge

Legacy Power Morphers

Since this seaons marked 20 seasons of Power Rangers, a number of things were done to celebrate that milestone. Two version of the original Power Morpher were released. One for the original five rangers and one for the Green Ranger/White Ranger.

Power Rangers Super MegaForce

Gokaiger was one of my favorite Super Sentai seasons. (I've been watching since Abaranger which was adapted into PowerRAngers DinoThunder.) The twist was these rangers are pirate and use Ranger Keys to take on the powers of past rangers. In the Super Sentai world that gave them access to 34 past ranger teams. In Power Rangers, they had access to everything in Power Rangers plus a few additional Super Sentai seasons which were never adapted into Power Rangers. Specifically, the other Super Sentai seasons pulled into Super Megaforce were Flashman, Bioman and Diaranger (the original White Ranger in Power Rangers came from Diaranger). I liked Gokaiger enough to get the Japanese versions of the morphers and many of the Ranger Keys. As such, I decided not to go after all of the Power Rangers versions of the Ranger Keys. That decision was made easer by the fact they one seemed to do partial teams skipping almost all of the female Power Rangers.

Power Rangers MegaForce

Power Rangers MegaForce introduced a new style of morpher: the card reader morpher. The RoboMorpher was another cell phone morpher. The series has a fairly different storyline than the heaven versus hell storyline of Goseiger and introduced the second team of rangers in the new Saban era of Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Super Samurai

This season was a continuation of Power Rangers Samurai which tey essentially split into two seasons. This sort of continuation of a team of Power Rangers from one year to another was a first for Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. In this season, the rangers kept the morphers, outfits and powers from Power Rangers Samurai and the Black Box Morpher was introduced as the "battlizer" for the season.

Power Rangers Samurai

After taking a year off for reruns of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the series returns with Power Rangers Samurai with the series back under the control of Saban. The theme music was heavily based on the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme and Bulk returned to the series, this time paired with Skull's son Spike.

Once again the morphers for were the now familiar cell phone style.

Power Rangers: RPM

Once Bandai America release the Power Rangers version of the Wing Trigger (the Go-On Wings morpher), I'll get one and add a photo of it to this page.

I thought the idea of the Engine Souls was cool and it was a brilliant marketing move. As far as I can tell, nearly every one of the Go-Onger toys from Bandai Japan has a unique Engine Soul packaged in with it. I picked up the CD soundtrack with the special Engine Soul when I was in Japan in April 2008 so that it the only one of the Japanese Engine Souls that I've got. I'd like to get all of the different Engine Cells produced by Bandai America but I'm currently planning to only get the ones that come with the morphers.

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

I've got really mixed feeling about the Solar Morpher which replaced the GekiChangers as the morphers in Jungle Fury. It isn't a bad concept and it works in the context of the show but it makes for a lame toy.

The Wolf Ranger Morpher is an interesting design but the Rhino Mopher is not what was used on the television show.

The Tiger Battle Claws were the morpher in GekiRanger and an interesting design for a morpher.

If/when I can find them and can fit them into the budget, I'll pick up the Jungle Master Battle Claws and the Rhino Blade. The Jungle Master Battle Claws is the rough equivalent to the battlizer for the season and it whatthe Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers use to morph into their Jungle Master modes. The Rhino Blade is both the weapon and the morpher for the Rhino Ranger.

I've seen some bootleg Jungle Fury morphers based on the Dino Thunder morpher style which look cool. I'm planning on getting them as soon as I can fit them into the budget. If/when I do so, I'll post photos of them on this page.

Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

I didn't get the Overdrive Tracker Turbo Edition as it wasn't used on the show and was just a repaint of the Overdrive Tracker.

Power Rangers: Mystic Force

I'm not sure if the Mystic Morpher Fury Edition was used in the show or not. At first it seemed like it would be the battlizer for the season but then the FierceDragonMorpher came out and was used on the show as the battlizer.

I considered getting the Magi Staff and the Mystic Lion Staff but decided not to. I would have gotten the Lamp Laser that Solaris Knight used on the show but they didn't make a toy of it.

I've seen photos of some bootleg Mystic Forcce morphers based on the Dino Thunder morpher style which look cool. If I can ever find them and fit them into the budget, I'll probably pick them up. If/when I do so, I'll post photos of them on this page.

Power Rangers: SPD

Power Rangers SPD was one of the seasons that never really totally worked for me. The morphers are a variation on the cell phone style and the battlizer is just a repaint of the Omega Morpher.

Power Rangers: DinoThunder

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder was a pivotal season for Power Rangers in a few ways.

First, it brought back the original Green Rangers, Tommy Oliver, as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. While I had caught a few episodes of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, the return of a character from the first season of Power Rangers as the mentor for a new team was enough of a hook to get me interested in Power Rangers. Prior to this season, I was aware of the show and had watched some episodes but wasn't a big fan. I'll freely admit that this season had some flaws but over all it was a fun show.

This season also contained the 500th episode of the series: Legacy of Power which was a recap of the history of the Power Rangers narrated by Tommy Oliver. Few television shows make it to 100 episodes, much less 500.

This season was also had a unique morpher design with removable face plates. This is some thing that bootleg toy makes have adpoted and used for later seasons which as Mystic Force and Jungle Fury.

The Triassic Morpher is what the Triassic Ranger uses to activate the Triassic Ranger's Battlizer Armor. So, technically, it isn't really a morpher but a battlizer. (The distinction being that Battlizers only upgrade a Power Ranger, not allow a normal person to morpher into one.) What makes it really unique is that it is a second stage battlizer since the Triassic Ranger is already an upgraded version of the Red Dino Thunder Ranger. (It is this ablity to morph into the Red Dino Thunder Ranger, upgrade to the Triassic Ranger and then upgrade again into a Battlizer Armor that makes some fans think that Conner McKnight was the most over-powered Power Ranger.

The Triassic Shield is called the Shield of Triumph in the show and is used by the Red Ranger to become the Triassic Ranger. So, in that respect, it technically is a battlizer of sorts since it "upgraded" the Red Dino Thunder Ranger into the Triassic Ranger. It doubles as the Triassic Rangers weapon.

The White Drago Sword is the signature weapon of the White Ranger and was a very cool and unique weapon in both Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and Abaranger.

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm

These were kind of cool morphers. There is enough difference in style of the Wind Morpher and Thunder Morphers for them to be unique while keeping them similar enough to be clearly related.

One aspect that makes these morphers unique is that they doubled as the ranged attack weapon for the Ninja Storm Power Rangers. In most other seasons the teams have a weapon that can convert between and sword or baton mode and a gun. While the Ninja Swords could be combined with the sheathes to form a blaster, the morphers could also fire attack beams as well.

The Samurai Cyclone Morpher is as close as we get to a non-cell phone, handheld morpher since the original Power Morpher.

Power Rangers: Wild Force

The Growl Phone is the first cell phone style morpher for an entire team of Power Rangers. (The Silver Space Ranger's Digimorpher was the first cell phone style morpher.) The Lunar Caller was also a cell phone based morpher. The belt buckle style for the Battlizer Buckle seems a little out of place next to the morphers but at least it isn't just a repaint of the Lunar Caller.

The Crystal Saber is what the Wild Force Power Rangers use to call their zords. I really liked the Animal Crystal concept. At some point I'll probably get the Lunar Cue and Falcon Summoner since they come with more Animal Crystals. The Lunar Cue is also a very unique weapon in and of itself.

Power Rangers: Time Force

The Chrono-Morpher has a nice hi-tech design while the Quantum Ranger's Morpher (aka the Quantum Morpher) seems a to have a bit of a clunkly interface in comparison. I picked up the Time Force Badge because it seems like a good idea at the time. Frankly, I don't really consider it a major part of the collection.

Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue

The Rescue Morpher was the first human developed morpher in the Power Rangers saga. It has as nice simple yet functional design to it.

The Titanium Ranger is the first morpher created specifically for Power Rangers. (The Jungle Fury Solar Morpher is another morpher created specifically for Power Rangers but in that case it was a replacement for the GekiChange. The confusing thing is that the GekiChange was also made into the Tiger Battle Claws toy.) There is no Sentai counterpart for the Titanium Ranger and this morpher is not based on any prior Sentai morpher. Given that it was created specifically for Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, it is a bit surprising that it wasn't designed to look a bit more like the Rescue Morpher.

The Battle Booster is the second battlizer in Power Rangers. The design of it with a full ten digit keypad is an obvious extension of the original Battlizer with the three numeric keys.

The Blue and Green Lightspeed Rangers use the Battle Booster to activate the Mega Battle Armor. It can also be used to power up the Thermo Blasters.

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

This team is unique in that each Power Ranger has both a Quasar Saber and Transdagger as standard weapons but not gun or blaster. Given the Excalibur "the chosen will be able to pull the sword from the stone" aspect of the Quasar Sabers, I'll probably pick up one of the toys at some point.

Power Rangers in Space

The AstroMorpher is an interesting design. The keypad implies that the right numeric sequence needs to be entered to morph. But since it calls out the numbers entered during the morph sequence, I'm not convinved that it really the case. Still, it is a cool design.

The Digimorpher is the first cell phone style morpher in Power Rangers. The design seems a little dated given the changes in cell phone designs since then.

Power Rangers in Space introduced the concept of the Battlizer, a device to "upgrade" a Power Ranger into a more powerful form. This early model only had three buttons, each of had a specific function. 01 was used to control the Delta Megazord. 02 supercharged the Red Space Ranger's punches and 03 activated the Battlizer Armor.

Power Rangers Turbo

This was the one of only two team to only have a single morpher/battlizer toy. The other team was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with the classic Power Morpher which lasted for three seasons.

Power Rangers Zeo

The Zeonizer is the first two part morpher for Power Rangers. Overall, not a bad design.

I decided not to get the Gold Ranger Zeonizer since it wasn't used in the show. But, since the Golden Power Staff is used as both part of the morphing sequence and for calling the zord, I'll probably pick up that toy as some point.

Alien Power Rangers

These five Power Coins were used by the Alien Rangers of Aquitar used in the ten episodes of Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers at the end of season 3 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The Alien Rangers used the coins to summon their Battleborgs and not to morph. But I've never been a fan of morpher less morphing of Power Rangers so, personally, I figure they needed the Power Coins and Power Morphers to morph even if it wasn't shown that was on the show.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

This is the classic Power Rangers morpher.

It is unique in that it is the only team morpher that is handheld and not based on a cell phone type device. All of the later morphers either either cell phones or worn like wristwatches. The Samurai Cyclone Morpher was also a non-cell phone style handheld morpher but was only used by the Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger.

The concept of the morpher and the power source being two different items has been used as recently as Power Rangers: RPM with the Engine Keys being the equivalent of the Power Coins.

The Zeonizer and the Turbo Morpher were two part morphers. And while the Zeo Crystals in the Zeonizers are the power source for the morphers, the Turbo Morpher keys are just activators, not power sources.

I couldn't get the lighting and focus right when I tried to take photos of these power coins so I ended up using my scanner for these images. As a result, things further away from the scanning plane like the notches for the coins to fit into the Power Morpher are a bit out of focus. Eventually I'll spend the time and take actual photos of the coins and update this page.

I picked these up off eBay a few years ago and are really cool. They can be found at

The top two are Tommy's Green Dragon Power Coin and his White Tiger Power Coin.

The next six are the Ninjetti Power Coins used by the Power Rangers in season 3 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The existance of these Power Coins kind of confuses the issue of if there was one or two sets of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. In other words, if the original Power Coins were somehow recreated (like the Jason's was for Forever Red), could both sets be used at the same time. Or, do the two sets of Power Coins both tap into the same parts of the Morphing Grid thereby creating a situation in which only one of each color can be used at a time. On the one hand, it doesn't really matter. On the other hand, details like this can be fun to try and figure out.

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