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AA-01                  Stan Lee, comic book legend     Judge Dredd:  Still Crazy After All These Years
Brian Bolland, artist (2000 A.D., Camelot 3000)
John Wagner, writer (Judge Dredd, History of Violence)
AA-03                 Forrest J Ackerman, legend (Famous Monsters of Filmland)
Ray Bradbury, author (Fahrenheit 451, Martian Chronicles)
Ray Harryhausen, film sfx legend (Jason & the Argonauts)
      Brad Meltzer, writer (The Tenth Justice, Identity Crisis)         AA-03
AA-04           Urban Fantastic: Our World Made Less Mundane        Mike Mignola, writer/artist (Hellboy)     Bearing the Torch--and the Sword, and Shield, and Dragon…
Peter S. Beagle, author (The Last Unicorn)
George R. R. Martin. author (A Feast for Crows)
AA-05     Cassandra Peterson, actor (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark)         Shag, artist (The Art of Josh Agle)           AA-05
AA-06               Driftwood  2002 Maniacs   AA-06
AA-07                                 Costume Designers Guild - Saturday   AA-07
AA-08                     Death by Engagement   AA-08
AA-09     Carnies                   AA-09
AA-10      David Franklin, actor (Farscape, The Matrix 2)
Gigi Edgley, actor (Farscape, The Secret Life of Us)
Tracy Scoggins, actor (Babylon 5, Lois & Clark)   AA-10 
AA-11      Yuri Lowenthal, voice actor (Legion of Superheroes, Naruto)
Tara Platt, voice actor (Jaruto, Ravemaster)
AA-12      Marc Singer, actor (The Beastmaster, V) Norman Gibbs, actor (Airplane)
Gary Graham, actor (Alien Nation, Star Trek Enterprise)
Al White, actor (Airplane)
AA-13      Kevin Sorbo, actor (Hercules, Andromeda) Michelle Baena, model (Solaris)   AA-13 
AA-14                      Grand Bush, actor (Die Hard, Lethal Weapon)   AA-14 
AA-15      Dave Shelton, creator (Snuggy Bear & The T-Shirt Kids)
Kelli Maroney, actor (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
April Stewart, voice actor (South Park)   AA-15 
AA-16                      Steve Bacic, actor (Andromeda, Stargate SG-1)   AA-16 
AA-17      Brinke Stevens, actor (Delta Delta Die, Something to Scream About)                   AA-17 
AA-18      Edwin Neal, actor (Texas Chain Saw Massacre) James Leary, actor (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Comeback)   AA-18 
AA-19      Richard Hatch, actor (Battlestar Galactica) Bobby Clark, actor (Star Trek, Return of the Body Snatchers)   AA-19 
AA-20      Michael Dante, actor (Winterhawk, The Naked Kiss) Jeff Rector, actor (Veronica Mars, Dark World)   AA-20 
AA-21      Barbara Luna, actor (Star Trek, Buck Rogers) Linda O’Neil, actor (Baseketball, Meet the Fockers)   AA-21 
AA-22      Kathy Garver, actor (Family Affair, Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventures) Gigi Fast Elk Bannister, actor, SFX artist (Carnies, Final Curtain)
Reggie Bannister, actor (Phantasm I-IV, Wishmaster)
AA-23      Ken Foree, actor (Dawn of the Dead, X-Files) Cindy Morgan, actor (Caddyshack, Tron)   AA-23 
AA-24      Dean Haglund, actor (Spectres, X-Files, Lone Gunmen) James Horan, actor (Star Trek Enterprise, ST:NG)   AA-24 
AA-25      Don Pedro Colley, actor (THX1138, Duke’s of Hazzard) Kenny Miller, actor (Flash Gordon, Touch of Evil)
Bill Moseley, actor (The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses)
AA-26          Herbert Jefferson, Jr., actor (Battlestar Galactica) Mike Lilly, artist (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith trading cards)   AA-26 
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