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Mayo Report: 2006-01
podcast episode

When I was putting together my notes for this segment, the ICv2 numbers weren't out yet for 2006-01. Between that, the fact that we'd used the CBG numbers the previous time and the convenience of using pre-rounded numbers for the estimates, I deciced to use the CBG numbers for the podcast. I still cross-check them against the ICv2 numbers when those become available. The other advantage of the CBG data is that John Jackson Miller does a fairly good job of cleaning up the title data which makes charting the numbers much easier.

At the time, I was in the process of reworking how I put my charts together. Prior to this I was generating the charts for my website in Excel and uploading them. I was in the process of trying to switch to a database driven, server side charting engine. So, it is possible that I made some mistakes and that a few of my numbers might be off.



Comics on the top 300:





Order index data provided courtesy of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. and used with permission.

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CBG title and issue data was cleaned up by John Jackson Miller at The Comic Chronicles and is used with permission.

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