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Mayo Report: 2006-02 & 2006-03
podcast episode

This episode covered both the February 2006 and March 2006 data.

I rambled on for about 53 minutes or so this time around. This installment of The Mayo Report was plauged my telephone problems. Less than three minutes into my ramblings my cordless phone started to beep because the battery was dying. And later around the 1:15:00 minute of the episode my cell phone rings and again a minute later. I should have turned the cell phone off prior to the podcast.

The email discussions I had with Peter were for back to back discussion of Feburary and then March. As a result, my notes were set up to discuss each month individually. One of the problems I faced during this podcast was the guys kept jumping between the two months. Had I know that was going to be the case I would have structured my notes in a manner to faciliate jumping between the two months. As it was, I was constantly flipping between two difference Excel files searching for specific titles.

Here are the rough notes I compiled for February 2006 in preperation for the podcast.

2006-02 IndexPointValue:








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